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Fuji Xerox printers to support coronavirus medical sites

Fujifilm is donating about $A1.5 million in equipment and supplies to support the response to the coronavirus in China, including Fuji Xerox printers that can be used at medical facilities. New data says the coronavirus will cost the Australian economy at least $1 billion.



“Fujifilm Holdings Corporation and its group companies extend their sincerest sympathies to those infected by novel coronavirus that was first reported from Wuhan, China,” the company said in a statement from Tokyo.

“Fujifilm Holdings Corporation will make a donation of equipment and supplies amounting approximately seven million RMB (approximately $A1.5 million) for support to the novel coronavirus response in China.” 

The relief package includes Fujifilm’s medical diagnostic systems and devices that support clinical examination for pneumonia and Fuji Xerox’s printers that can be used at medical sites. 

In addition, Fujifilm continues to provide medical equipment installation and maintenance services  in China and respond to customer inquiries 24 hours a day.

“Fujifilm Holdings and its group companies extend their heartfelt wishes for the patients and continue to support medical sites in Wuhan and other regions in China,” said the company.

Last week, Konica Minolta suspended its production and sales operations in China until at least February 9, 2020, as the coronavirus continues to spread beyond China. The company also restricted staff travel.

The outbreak has killed at least 600 people in China and infected 31,000 globally since being detected in the city of Wuhan in December.

Research by investment bank UBS says coronavirus will cost Australia at least $1 billion in services exports and, if travel disruptions are extended, the cost could be much greater.