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Aeoon Technologies dtg executive visits Australia

Following the first Australian installation (undisclosed) of an Aeoon Compact Kyo 3/8 inkjet T-shirt textile printer, Territory Sales Manager Ioannis Apostolidis recently visited to accompany his dealer Sew Simple’s Greg and Luke Carmody on calls to prospective new customers.

Shh...textile industry's best kept secret, Ioannis Apostolidis (L) with Luke and Greg Carmody (R)

The Austrian (Tyrol) -manufactured dtg machines from Aeoon Technologies are not for the ‘onsies and twosies’ of T-Shirt production. These are industrial-strength high productivity devices with excellent image quality that can surpass even Screen printing. The hourly white/pale T-Shirt throughput is between 650 and 1280 shirts per hour, or 150 to 300 dark-coloured shirts per hour using additional white ink, depending on model and number of printheads. 

kyo 2pallets
Aeoon Kyo 2-pallet T-shirt & textile printer

Aeoon is the solution for T-shirt and textile printers looking for higher quality and productivity after starting with desktop direct-to-garment devices with a single pallet,” notes Luke Carmody.

When Wideformatonline caught up with the trio in Sydney, we were shown examples that defied the resolution and colour dept achievable by other means – including screen print. Apostolidis also showed examples of printing on leatherette that were quite stunning.

In a nod to its Screen printing origins, Aeoon also offers Hybrid Digital/Screen versions of its Kyo printers, achieving ‘the best of both worlds.’

Ioannis Apostolidis with Aeoon Tees

Also in the range is a giant flatbed device for both UV and water-based inks, with a vacuum bed up to an amazing 4.2 x 3.75 metres! But, it’s the T-Shirt and Polo printers that are exciting the textile market. 30 different sized pallets are available and can be swapped or exchanged.

The Aeoon family of DTG pigment textile machines is in three sectors, ‘Compact’ - ‘Kyo’ and ‘PTB’ for pre-treatment of materials, up to 930 T-Shirts per hour. Each machine is tailored to suit the customer’s production, can have two or three pallets and between four and twelve Kyocera printheads.

Image area is typically 500 x 400mm for the Compact range and 600 x 900mm for the Kyo range – although there is an XL version up to a whopping 1000 x 2000mm pallet size. Materials that can be printed include cotton, synthetics, mixed fibres, canvas, wood, leather and more. Maximum resolution is 2400dpi, which accounts for Aeoon’s fine detail in both text and graphics, all produced using Aeoon's 'Brilliant' inkset.

Apostolidis says there are more than 2000 installations worldwide and sees the first Australian site flicking the switch on his company's goal to be on all major continents inside only seven years of production of these advanced textile printing machines.

Aeoon exels on synthetic leatherette

Established in 1977, ACT-based Sew Simple, Aeoon’s Australian dealer, is a very experienced supplier to the textile and garment industry, offering a range of embroidery, sewing and direct-to-garment technologies, as well as advanced software specifically for the textile and apparel industry.

They can be contacted on (02) 6282 7144, email sales@sewsimple.com.au

Aeoon’s website is www.aeoon.com.au



Aeoon flatbed
Now that's a flatbed UV! Aeoon also makes these 'walk-in' up to 4.2 metre wide vacuum bed