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Free fonts for sign designers

Sometimes, our archived stories get searched via the various engines and continue to provide useful information long after first publishing. Such was the case when Emma Barry needed to know more about font licences and found Shane Drew's 2010 column on Typeface licencing.

best free fonts for designers ironhead
Ironhead - one of 70+ free fonts for commercial use discovered by reader Emma Barry


Emma found Shane Drew's three-part analysis of fonts, licencing and 'pirates' informative. She wrote:

"I read your page wideformatonline.com/features/shane-drews-food-for-thought/2844-pirates-part-3.html and have two words: incredibly useful! I loved the font-related resources you mention there.
I tried a few fonts, but soon after I realized that I couldn't use many of them for work-related materials because they are not for commercial use.
Anyway, I did some digging and found a list of fonts that are free for commercial use too! (And super well organized, but not my point here!)


Since your readers might need fonts for commercial purposes, I do believe they'll find it useful if you add it to your page.
Thanks again for the resource!"

So there we have a great link to commercial-use free fonts to share will all readers. Thanks Emma! And also to Shane Drew for the original articles.

best free fonts for designers picture 02
Even good old Bodoni gets a refreshed workout with XT - free and for commercial use