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New from GJS, GJS Revolution Flex - PU Polyurethane Thermal Textile Vinyl

GJS Revolution Flex is an "all-in-one" thermal polyurethane heat transfer material for application to polyester, cotton, denim, leather and even nylon fabrics.

Developed with versatility in mind, GJS Revolution Flex combines an array of design features from the company's existing polyurethane GJS picturethermal textile vinyl ranges and brings them together to create this "all-in-one" garment decorating product.

With the same PU base and similar hand feel of a standard Flex vinyl, super-fast seven second press time to cotton like QuickFlex vinyl, coupled with the ability to be applied to Nylon fabrics like our NylonFlex, this universal vinyl can do it all!

Easy to cut and weed, Revolution Flex is suitable for creating small details or big branding designs. Available in 13 colours, all suitable for overlapping when creating your stunning, multicolour artwork. Revolution Flex can be cold-peeled like a standard Flex vinyl or hot-peeled similarly to QuickFlex.

Recommended Fabrics include: 100% cotton; 100% polyester; Polyester-cotton blends; Nylon;  Acrylics;  Similar fibres.