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Caldera launches TextilePro software, a new print software solution dedicated to industrial textile printing

The software offers companies creating long runs of functional or patterned fabrics using digital print technology and a powerful, streamlined production suite that guarantees consistency of output despite rapid turnaround.

TextilePro harnesses Caldera's extensive experience in colour control while introducing practicalities intended for those creating industrial-scale products. From design to output, a new user interface makes it simple for operators to adjust colours and designs, create custom ink sets, calculate and vary ink laid own, and ensure vibrant, accurate images no matter what fabric they textileprochoose. This streamlines much of the decision-making for the user and helps to eliminate common errors, crucial to retaining margins when producing large volumes.

Designers benefit from a Photoshop plug-in for colourising patterns and swapping swatches quickly, knowing that TextilePro keeps all colours in RGB, even at ICC profiling level, to guarantee fidelity to the original hue. Creating repeatable, aligned patterns is also simple thanks to Caldera's existing Tex&Repeat module, now incorporated within TextilePro, which works in tandem with the Photoshop plug-in for in-house designers. Printers can thereby produce colour variations rapidly, guiding design decisions at pace and speeding up time to market.

When creating added-value, non-rectangular applications, TextilePro calculates and enables printing to the full bleed of the media surface, ensuring that white borders are avoided along the cutting edge and that canvases are therefore seamless. Users can also take advantage of a choice of generation methods for blacks to achieve the richness and texture that suits their image.

Crucially, Caldera TextilePro delivers all of these advanced functions while preserving the throughput speeds for which it has become renowned. Industrial textile producers can therefore be assured that, with TextilePro, they can produce totally accurate, colour-faithful prints at speeds that take full advantage of their print and finishing machinery.

'Caldera's partnerships with all major printer and component manufacturers, multiplied by our experience in colour accuracy and substrate management have led to this dedicated, impressive new solution for industrial textile printers,' explained Joseph Mergui, Chief Executive Officer at Caldera.

'The core Caldera architecture supports the speeds and therefore volumes required by these businesses, while the TextilePro interface puts all vital, sector-specific controls within easy reach. With digital print now expanding aggressively into new areas of the industrial textile marketplace, software is the most crucial element to guarantee precision and profitability. We are excited to serve this flourishing market and to help industrial textile take full advantage of its potential with digital print.'