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The M&R companies take home four Product of the Year Awards at SGIA 2015

M&R products receiving the award (and their respective categories) are: M-Link X (Direct to Garment Printers); Stryker (Automatic Garment Press); i-Image XE (Pre-press) and Kruzer (Manual Garment Press).

Asked for his reaction, M&R CEO Rich Hoffman said, “Our engineers and the other members of our research and development department are engaged in an ongoing effort to find ways to help garment decorators work more quickly, more productively, and more profitably, and it’s extremely gratifying to have SGIA validate those efforts.
“Developing a direct-to-garment printer with unmatched image quality and the speed to compete with other fast printers was challenging,” Hoffman continued. “But the real challenge was to bring the selling price in at about one-third the price of competing printers. The members of our research and development team faced many hurdles, but they were convinced it could be done. Their confidence and perseverance led to the M-Link X. And it was no different with Stryker, Kruzer, and i-Image XE. Each presented its own unique set of challenges—and every challenge was successfully met.”
M&R’s Stryker is the most versatile and affordable automatic oval screen printing press available, with pricing comparable to carousel presses of similar color capacity. Kruzer is M&R’s most affordable entry-level manual screen printing press, but it’s built with features and durability not found in similarly-priced manuals. And i-Image XE is M&R’s oversize version of i-Image STE, the world’s first all-in-one computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging and UV LED exposure system—and a cousin of M&R’s i-Image STE II, pre-press winner of last year’s SGIA Product of the Year Awards.