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Kornit and partners show how production can be improved during the ITMA show

At ITMA 2015 in Milan, Kornit Digital together with Zünd and other industry partners, will be demonstrating how textile and garment manufacturers can make their production processes more efficient, profitable, and transparent with ‘Simulate, Print & Cut’, a fully integrated, highly adaptable production workflow.

This concept supports the production of ‘micro runs’ down to the production of one-off pieces and samples.
The designs will be printed on Kornit’s Allegro roll-to-roll printer. With its print width of 1.8m, it is a single-step digital textile printing system that is designed for high-speed end-to-end production, using Kornit’s patented NeoPigmentTM printing process. The system features an inline pre-treatment technology and works on a variety of fabrics, both natural and man-made fibers and blends.


The Kornit Allegro is the only industrial textile printer available today that integrates all production steps in a single, integrated production line, removing the need for complicated pre- and post-treatments such as steaming and washing, making it the fastest way from digital designs to the finished fabric. Relying on Kornit’s proprietary process, textile companies and brands can shorten their turnaround times, cut intermediaries and eliminate inventory costs. Because of its resource-efficient technology, saving energy and water, the Allegro is also a top choice for environmental protection.
Due to its special characteristics, short turnaround times and little demand on operating infrastructures, the Kornit Allegro is destined for the inclusion with workflow setups essential in today’s automated production environments.
Simulate, Print & Cut is a fully integrated, highly adaptable production workflow presented by DITF (the German Institute for Textile & Fiber Research Denkendorf), Zünd, Assyst, Ergosoft, and Kornit Digital. This innovative process integrates the traditionally separate areas of design, file preparation, one-step pigment printing, and cutting. It automates the entire production process and increases profitability. Integrating the different phases of production leads to greater overall efficiency, better transparency, and faster turnaround. Simulate, Print & Cut therefore contributes significantly to realizing the full potential of production optimization essential in state-of-the-art textile and garment manufacturing. The system seamlessly links all processing phases from digital design and pattern development, placement of the design in virtual 3D, to digital printing in one step and precise cutting with a Zünd digital cutting system. In doing so, it creates entirely new possibilities for design and product development.


Kornit Digital