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Sensient introduces ElvaJet Swift digital sublimation inks

Sensient Global Inks has introduced ElvaJet Swift, a new series of digital sublimation inks for Epson DX print heads that will, they say,  redefine productivity in textile printing.

This new ink series offers substantial cost and time savings. Elvajet Swift users can easily and significantly improve efficiency thanks to key advantages including:
• Ease of inks installation.
Elvajet• Outstanding printability on virtually any printer equipped with Epson DX printheads.
• Unmatched open time and immediate start after printing pause.
• Fast drying and high transfer rate (on coated and uncoated paper).
• Superior colour strength at much lower ink consumption.
• Eco-sustainability.
During the FESPA exhibition in Cologne, Germany, visitors will also have the opportunity to witness the ElvaJet Swift revolution. Sensient will be demonstrating Elvajet Swift at stand G15 from 18-22 May 2015.