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The Mogo Zoo/Epson SureColor SC-F2000 success story

Mogo Zoo in NSW, a recent new owner of the Epson SureColor SC-F2000 relates how his new printer has impacted his business.


Clive Brookbanks from Mogo Zoo explained, “Previously Mogo Zoo had sourced its t-shirts from specialist manufacturers so that they could be branded as Mogo Zoo products. The downside to this was that we were required to order large quantities up front which had a considerable impact on cash flow and did not always fit in with the seasonality of our business. We found that by purchasing a SureColor SC-F2000 we were able to far better control the quantity and quality of t-shirts according to our needs, and increase the gross profit on the sale of the t-shirts.”
Brookbanks and the Mogo Zoo team saw the real benefits of the SureColor SC-F2000 through its flexibility and functionality. He added, “The primary factors in choosing the Epson SureColor SC-F2000 was the simplicity, quality and speed of the machine coupled with the minimal training and experience required when it came to garment printing. We were amazed that one staff member with minimal training was able to produce up to 75 t-shirts in one day and this included the pre and post treatment of the garments. Additionally the product was then immediately on the shelf and available for sale. We compared the SureColor SC-F2000 against the other printers in its class but found the SC-F2000 offered a much better all-round solution for our printing needs.”
{gallery}Simple_Image_Gallery/Mogo_Zoo{/gallery}Mogo Zoo was very much looking for an edge, a printing solution that could add value to their business on multiple levels, something they found in the SC-F2000. Brookbanks continued, “Being a Zoo we were looking for a printer that could reproduce accurate, high-resolution images of our animals. This was important due to the relationship that our visitors develop with the animals. Secondly the SC-F2000 also provided so much more flexibility in relation to our purchasing, design and quantities to match the seasonality of the tourism industry. While primarily used to produce Mogo Zoo branded t-shirts, we have recently expanded into carry bags with great results. The SC-F2000 has certainly exceeded our expectations in all areas, but when it comes to quality and speed it has certainly validated the reason for choosing it.”
The Epson SureColor SC-F2000 is a Direct To Garment (DTG) printing platform for work involving cotton-based shirts, caps, bags, and promotional items. Prints can be made to pre-cut fabric or finished garments with a small heat press used to 'fix' the dye. It enables production of customised and value-added goods with high impact and good wash/wear durability. Unique to the Epson solution, the printing platform and ink have been developed together. This integrated approach not only ensures exceptional image quality with reduced running costs, but also enhanced mechanical durability and maintenance. The system is quick to install, easy to operate and offers fast, flexible production for low to medium volume applications.
Epson Australia National Business Development Manager – Sign and Display Ryan Warby said, “The SC-F2000 is not only suited to clothing manufacturers but also retailers looking for options which value-add their apparel offering and/or minimise inventory levels. The SC-F2000 gives retailers great print quality from a unit that is extremely easy to use and has low maintenance requirements. It requires minimum space for installation and is extremely easy to use.”
The SC-F2000 has been developed and built by Epson from the ground up, with the unit utilising the latest in Epson print head and ink technology. The printer ships with Epson Garment Creator software which is extremely flexible and easy to use. When all of the above are combined they result in a very reliable unit that’s easy to install, easy to use and offers significant profit potential.
Warby concluded, “The SC-F2000 is targeted at a range of users from small garment print shops to the much larger print production houses, specialist retailers and even department stores. We have seen single SC-F2000s used to produce custom merchandise and clothes in retail environments while multiple machines have been combined for higher volume production. SC-F2000 users have been unanimously impressed by the unit’s quality, reliability, flexibility and low maintenance requirements. As far as DTG printers go, the SC-F2000 is in a class of its own.”


Mogo Zoo's printer was supplied by Epson authorised reseller GJS.


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