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Kornit launches DC Pro ink

DC Pro ink is a new-generation discharge ink for its Kornit Avalanche DC Pro direct-to-garment (DTG) printing system.

Kobi Mann, Director of Application and Consumables Products, Kornit Digital said, 'This solution creates unique digitally-printed garments which have a natural feel when touched which is exactly what the fashion industry is looking for. The technology enables garment decorators to expand into new markets and achieve higher revenues and margins.
'Textile printing businesses seeking to enter the fashion industry can now print on dark garments without a white-layer base, thereby creating a soft, natural feel on the garment. By drastically reducing the amount of white ink and eliminating the need for pre-treatment fluids, the Avalanche DC Pro expands printing capabilities and creates a competitive advantage in today’s demanding fashion-oriented market.'
The new discharge ink doesn’t require special handling or mixing, and remains stable in the printheads for up to one year. The Kornit Avalanche DC Pro has two additional printheads to apply new discharge ink to bleach the dye molecules of the dark garment, providing a base for CMYK printing while creating a 'natural feel' for the finished product. In combination with the discharge ink, the system can apply flexible amounts of white ink for full opacity control. Support for the new ink will also be available as an upgrade kit for Kornit Avalanche systems with Spectra Nova printheads.
The Avalanche DC Pro can print CMYK over discharge, CMYK over white, or CMYK over a discharge and white combination. Like all of Kornit’s direct-to-garment printing systems, it features high productivity, low printing and operating costs and the largest print area in the market at 23 12.7/20.32cm (5/8”) x 35 17.78/40.64cm (7/16”).


Kornit Digital