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Durst unveils new digital printer Systems at Heimtextil 2015

Durst unveiled its enhanced Digital Textile Printing Portfolio at Heimtextil 2015, that took place in Messe Frankfurt, Germany from 14-17 January.

Visitors to the trade fair got to see the impressive capabilities of Durst High Performance Inkjet Printers. Durst's Kappa Series of digital direct printer systems are designed for an industrial scale textile production of fashion and home textiles. Centre stage was taken by the Kappa 320. With a maximum print width of 330cm, this printer is capable of producing interior trim and decor products in their entire width.

Kappa 180-1280x470
Durst offers the Kappa 180 V2 and the Kappa 320.

Durst offers the Kappa 180 V2 and the Kappa 320. These industrial high performance printers feature the same inkjet technology but differ in their print width. The Kappa 180 V2 has a maximum print width of 195cm and is ideal for the clothing industry, but is also frequently used for the production of furniture and fabrics. With its maximum print width of 330cm, the Durst Kappa 320 is perfectly suited for the production of home textiles. Interior design and decor such as spreads, bed linen, table linen, curtains and drapes but also advertising materials such as flags or banners can be printed in their full width.
For the Kappa 180 V2, the Durst Quadro printhead technology has been advanced to meet the different requirements of the textile materials with 'QuadroZ V2'. The modified Durst QuadroZ V2 print head technology arranges the colours on the 8-channel printheads symmetrically (mirrored). In this way, precise colour application is ensured for bi-directional printing directions.
Depending on the print direction, the colour channel is always located in the correct application position, which optimises the reproduction of intricate designs with gradients or fine patterns. Thus colour conformity is achieved over the entire printing width without reducing the production speed.
The QuadroZ V2 printhead technology enables printing on textile materials using water-based reactive, acid and dispersion inks. The 32 QuadroZ printheads have 6144 nozzles per colour and droplet sizes of 7-21 pictolitres with a resolution of up to 1,200 dpi. The 32 QuadroZ V2 Printheads can print 8 colours in CMYK, Orange, Red, Blue and Grey. Kappa Printer Systems are equipped with an adapted Corino fabric feed-in system and a thermally insulated dryer unit with 1-3 passages. Other components are optionally available and can be configured individually.
Visitors were informed about the benefits of digital Kappa systems over traditional print processes. Durst also held a European Digital Textile Conference 'Digital Printing for Homes and Interiors', at the conference, where leading producers of home textiles, among them Mascioni from Italy and Zorlu from Turkey, provided guests with an insight into their digital strategies.
Durst also displayed its successful Rhotex Series for soft-signage applications and the production of textiles as a medium for advertising or information. In addition to digital direct print, Durst presented the new Rhotex 180 TR. This Dye Sublimation Printer with industrial production capabilities, facilitates digital production of textiles without extensive pre and post-treatment.
Soft-signage or the application of textiles as a medium for advertising and information is currently taking over the classical fields of paper, PVC and vinyl. In the past, soft-signage had always been associated with screen-printing, but changing market requirements for unlimited colours, designs, photo-realistic print quality and rapid turnaround times, regardless of job size, are shifting inkjet technology into the focus. With the Rhotex Series, Durst has been providing soft-signage printer systems for several years now.
The Rhotex HS marks the fastest digital soft-signage printer on the market, with a production speed of up to 900sqm and a resolution of up to 1200dpi. Just like the Kappa Series, the Rhotex HS comes equipped with the patented Durst QuadroZ Printhead Technology. With its print width of 330cm and the use of eco-friendly water-based dispersion inks which are free of odours and free of any volatile organic compounds (VOC), the Rhotex HS is perfectly suited for a variety of soft-signage applications such as banners, displays, wall decorations, signage, parasols, flags, backdrops and outdoor advertising. The productivity of the Rhotex HS enables the user to react efficiently to customer demands at any given time and to realise a profitable production from the start and for any job size.
Christoph Gamper, CEO of Durst Phototechnik AG said, 'Durst is a leading manufacturer of Inkjet Printing Machines for the large format print sector and successfully operates in other sectors such as label print, ceramic tiles and glass decoration. Since we entered the market for digital textile print in 2010, we have already installed 130 systems. Actually, our customers aren't just classical producers of textiles producers of large format and of advertising media also use our systems to produce e.g. banners, displays, wall decoration, signage, flags or backdrops.
'The new Rhotex 180 TR enables us to expand our range of potential customers by providing uncomplicated access to digital textile production. Transfer printing does not require a profound knowledge of pre and post-treatment of the textile fabric and no further investments such as a washing installation.'

 Rhotex 180 TR Industrial Dye Sublimation

With the new Rhotex 180 TR, Durst now offers an industrial Dye Sublimation printer for the production of textiles that is suitable for polyester and polyester blends, frequently used for sports wear, home textiles and for soft-signage. Transfer printing allows for an easier production process compared to direct printing, because the pre and post treatment is less complex. Calendering makes the ink evaporate from the printed sublimation paper into the fabric where it will compound fully with the material.
This indirect printing process produces especially abrasive-resistant and water-resistant results. The Rhotex 180 TR combines Durst's technological competence from the large format print with textile print and warrants for a reliable 24/7 production. The printer system has a maximum print width of 1850 mm and is equipped with the newly developed Durst QuadroS Printheads. The system has a maximum resolution of 1200dpi and a maximum production speed of 200sqm per hour.
Durst offers a specially formulated Dye Sublimation Ink System for the Rhotex 180 TR, which is water-based, free of odours, skin-friendly and free of any volatile organic compounds (VOC). The printer system is classified for all current transfer papers and quality levels.




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