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Wasatch launches SoftRIP Version 7.2

US based Wasatch Computer Technology has launched SoftRIP Version 7.2, with new features and enhancements offering users more control and speed with textile printing' a new advanced half-toning method that improves image quality in fine art; additional options when printing Fotoba Marks; and improved capability with CHROMix Curve3 and the G7 calibration.

SoftRIP TX has all the features that are needed for textile printing, and now in Version 7.2, these features have been expanded and improved. The improvements to the Repeats feature allow for easy customisation with advanced drop and slide options and a 'stretch' control that helps adjust for fabric shrinkage.

 RIP speed enhancements quickly and reliably spool data in real time, with speeds up to 550 megabytes per second. With this update, SoftRIP TX can support the fastest textile printers available and also give speed improvements to those running slower computers.

 Wasatch SoftRIP is already well known for superior half-toning algorithms that produce quality colour and gradients with fast RIP speed. This release includes a revolutionary enhancement that accommodates the fine arts, giving smoothness and better quality to highlights in images, which is particularly useful when dye sublimating to hard substrates.