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The US based Heytex Group expands its worldwide textile product portfolio by purchasing BondCote

Heytex is represented in our region by Starleaton Digital Solutions and Heytex have announced an increase in their product portfolio due to their acquisition of US based BondCote.

BondCote with about 80 employees was established in 1949 and is specialised in coated and laminated textiles, amongst others in the fields of military equipment, roofing, environmental applications, agriculture, leisure and sports. Just like Heytex, BondCote lives the claim of meeting customer requirements by new product developments and even exceeding them. For that purpose, both companies rely on state-of-the-art technologies and excellent staff.

Worldwide coverage with high-quality products - a strategy that both companies pursue together. With a total of four productions sites, i.e. Bramsche, Neugersdorf, Pulaski and Zhangjiagang, the group will manufacture its products on three continents from now on. Current Heytex and BondCote customers as well as future customers may thus profit from quicker access to the products of the entire group.
The CEO of the Heytex Group, Dr. Heribert Decher, puts it that way: "We pursue a long-term strategy and set standards with our innovative products. With BondCote as a new member of the Heytex family we have made the next, very important step."
Ted Anderson, CEO of BondCote addes: "Together with our customers we will develop new products made of our innovative textiles. To do so, we need direct customer contact and proximity to the markets. We are looking forward to offering our customers these products as being part of the Heytex Group and to sharing our experience and the know-how we have gained with Heytex.
This will markedly increase the worldwide presence of the new group in the field of functionalised technical textiles".




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