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Indian manufacturer, Colorjet launches new ‘Softjet Grand’ and ‘Vastrajet’ printers

Colorjet Softjet Grand,’ and ‘VastraJet’ were launched at  Sign & Graphic Imaging (SGI) Dubai.

It doesn't seem likely that we will see these machines in Australia or New Zealand since the company has stated that it is concentrating on selling into India, the Middle East and China although they have also stated that they want to penetrate Eastern Europe.

With an existing product in the textile  sector (the TransJet) the new Softjet Grand model will target the soft signage sector whilst the Vastrajet will target the high production of digital printed textile.

The VastraJet

Pavan Gupta, Director, Colorjet said, "Consumers have now become more aware of the effects that everyday chemicals have on the environment and their own health. This new found consumer wisdom has led to the demand of more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions,” said . “Advertising and promotions are required for the growth of any business but the constant use of such hazardous material can lead to an unhealthy environment and therefore internationally soft signage is now becoming widely popular.”

Colorjet claim to be the only manufacturer that offers and sells machines as a solution, along with RIP colour management, ink usage, ICC profile and training for application development or various applications that a machine can be used for across different markets.