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Design'N'Buy bridges the gap between designers and Web-to-Print

Printers of all kinds can generate more print-ready work by Inviting Graphic Designers to join their communities and create a print-on-demand marketplace with Design'N'Buy's Graphic Designer Marketplace Module. Design'N'Buy started in 2009 with Tee-Shirt design software and now offers a complete platform for DTG, Signage and Commercial print. Based near Mumbai, India, the company already has DTG users in Australia.

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Design'N'Buy's platforms deliver W2P benefits to Designers, Printers and End-customers

In a bid to create an influx of fresh, print-ready design templates for online printers and their end customers, Design’N’Buy has launched a web-to-print graphic designer marketplace module for the first time.

It enables printing businesses to register as many graphic designers as possible on their web-to-print storefront who, in turn, create a design, set a price to it, and showcase it on the site after admin approvals. If an end customer chooses the design and places an order, the designer gets a commission fee from the sale.

nidhi agarwal CEO
Founder & CEO Nidhi Agarwal

“Attractive designs form the core of any successful printing business — whether it sells t-shirts or brochures. So, this graphics marketplace module is for those printers who have a network of freelance designers and creative artists in mind that can churn out beautiful artwork now and then. It is a win-win proposition, after all. On the one hand, the printers get a comprehensive collection of designs to sell, and on the other, talented designers get to sell their art and make money out of it on the storefront,” explains Nidhi Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Design’N’Buy.

Every creative artist who registers on the web-to-print storefront gets a complete profile on its own that can be edited on the backend. The personal page comprises a brief bio about the designer, their headshot, and their designs on the website and sold.

“With this innovation, we have laid much emphasis on maintaining quality. The printers can control designer registration requests and only pick those people who are actually good at what they do. Once the printers have talented creative artists on their web-to-print storefront, they can list them all on a single page and let the end customers choose their favorite designer. The latter can browse through the individual’s design catalog, pick and edit a suitable template and easily place an order,” she adds.

The onus of processing the transactions and handling all the customer service requirements, including print and shipping the order on time lies on the printers. In addition, end customers can submit ratings and reviews for designers and their designs. This helps the printers to showcase the trending ones on the top and drive even higher sales.

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Agarwal has co-authored a book on W2P, pic Amazon-linked

Before graphic artists publish a design, they can assign it strategically to multiple product categories to make it easy for end consumers to find what they are looking for. For instance, the same design can be printed on a mug, t-shirt, business card, sticker, and label.

The categorical grouping/tagging ensures easy navigation for the end customers and allows them to find design options based on keywords.

The graphic designer marketplace module allows them to add, edit or delete designs. They can also add a design by uploading it in predefined format or create one from scratch using Design’N’Buy’s notable Design Studio.

And once the design is published, the administrator of the site gets notified. If the latter approves it, the design is displayed across the selected product categories.

Creative artists also have the liberty to set their commissions. They can send a request to the admin. to redeem the earnings as and when needed, with the admin making the payments through a suitable method.

“Often sourcing great designs becomes a challenge. There is only so much an extensive media library can offer. We aim to empower graphic artists to start making money without setting up their websites with the graphic design module. They can focus on what they are best at, i.e., graphics creation, and earn those designs as sold,” explains Agarwal, adding:

“Given our experience, we understand the exact requirements of the print industry. The graphic marketplace module comprises all the must-have features to make it easy to adopt for everyone, including graphic designers, online printers, and end customers.”

Managing graphic designers can be easy and risk-free. The marketplace module also gives access to review reports on earnings based on designs, individual creative artists, print products, and so on. This allows the printers to optimise their growth strategy and keep up-to-date with the network’s sales and customer buying patterns.

For more Information head to: https://www.designnbuy.com/webtoprint-graphics-designer.html

Email contact: inquiry@designnbuy.com