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A new range of PVC-free screen fabrics from Junkers & Müllers

Planning lighting and energy in public buildings is a subject of ever growing importance. It is about the creation of a pleasant indoor climate as well as functional screening or use of natural light.

 It is especially important in office spaces to combine two such apparently opposing demands. On one hand glare and annoying heat radiation has to be screened off, on the other, visual contact with the outside world is indispensable for a positive working environment.

Presse-Silkshade-D-AluJunkers & Müllers is now expanding its product range of PVC-free, highly flame resistant screen fabrics.

A series of special fabrics is offered under the label JM Silkshade, which offers a choice of appropriate solutions for each specific lighting condition. Up until now there have been 2 quality grades with the openess coefficient 5, with or without aluminium backing. There are now two new further fabrics, aluminised on the back. JM Silkshade D with a 3% openness coefficient can be easily combined with the similar optics of the 5% article. JM Silkshade Effect gives an interesting three-dimensional effect thanks to the use of multi coloured threads.

The product range is complemented by a blackout product, which achieves one additional level of light screening. The colour of the product’s reverse side matches the front in these items.

The extremely textile, high gloss character of the product makes the JM Silkshade interesting, not only for the commercial sector, but also the home environment. The colour range extends from white to fashionable linen and stone colours to black. With a product width of 240 cm these materials are also recommended for large window areas.


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