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The issue of ISO colour standards for accurate softproofing on monitors used in the graphic arts has been debated for some time – including during the recent visit to Australia by FOGRA Head of Prepress, Andreas Kraushaar. Today, Eizo Oceania is the first to announce FOGRA pre-certification of Eizo ColorEdge monitors deployed in softproofing systems that will be FOGRA certified.

A new Eizo 24” ColorEdge monitor built to FOGRA specification is currently en route from Japan in time for its world debut at PacPrint 2009.

Eizo Oceania Territory Manager Matthew Bauer comments: “It is important to note that FOGRA certifies the entire softproofing system and this includes the viewing conditions, measuring tools and calibration/control software. The monitor is central to this configuration and to date, only Eizo’s CG210N, CG211 and CG221 monitors have passed the FOGRA testing and achieved pre-certification under ISO 12646 as suitable components towards achieving the “FOGRAcert Softproofing System Quality Certificate.”

Bauer continues: “ Additionally, Eizo Nanao in Japan will release a dedicated FOGRA-specification 24” ColorEdge monitor later this year, and the first pre-production model will be rushed to Pacprint in Melbourne from May 26th to 30th, and can be seen on the DES stand L55. Also, Kayell on stand Q50 will be displaying an offset print alongside a masked Eizo softproof identical image and Pacprint visitors will be challenged to identify which is which!”

The introduction of FOGRA certification for softproofing systems completes the loop in graphic arts creation, image processing and production. Colour and content can be assessed on approved, calibrated monitors set to emulate ISO 12647 standards, PSO, FOGRAcert and other standards.

“The image viewed on the Eizo monitor as part of a FOGRA-certified softproofing system, will match the hard copy proof and, most importantly, the press,” says Bauer. “This is of enormous benefit to everyone involved in the graphic reproduction chain, from the advertising agency creatives, clients and brand managers, through to publishers, prepress operators and printers.”

Additional Eizo monitor models are currently undergoing FOGRA pre-certification and the new FOGRA-specific 24” ColorEdge monitor is scheduled to be available commercially in the third quarter of 2009.



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