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The following products are on display at EFI's stand: VUTEk GS3200, GS5000r and QS3220, Rastek H650 and T660, Fiery XF RIPs, Digital Storefront web-to-print solution and EFI Pace Management Information Software.

VUTEk and Rastek Worldwide Launches
EFI VUTEk GS2000 - The GS2000 is a revolutionary 2-metre hybrid UV printer that delivers dazzling photorealistic quality at incredible speeds without compromise.  Able to print with true 600 dpi at 24-picolitre drops and 1000 dpi at 12-picolitre drops, and in eight colours, plus two channels for white, the GS2000 prints at speeds up to 186 square metres per hour. It also prints on a broad range of flexible and rigid substrates, and transitions from rigid to roll-to-roll in minutes, making it the perfect substitute for wide and superwide applications. The options for shorter runs, higher speeds and superior quality give the VUTEk GS2000 the highest return on investment in the industry.

EFI VUTEk QS3220 - Prints eye-popping images up to 3.2 metres wide at 1,080 dpi. Perfect for Point-of-Purchase (POP) and high quality retail signage. Text prints cleanly and crisply, and EFI's Fiery XF RIP solution ensures consistent, accurate colour and reliable output. The VUTEk QS3220 prints in six colour plus white at speeds up to 84 square metres per hour. Fast, high-definition printing increases the amount and quality of work that a business can accomplish.

The EFI VUTEk QS3220 uses specially developed new QS Series 2 UV inks, which provide more durability and improved flexibility for brilliant inks that won't crack or chip and are optimised for a wider range of substrates.

h650_image_v2_with_logos_drop_shadow_v2.gifRastek H650 UV - This hybrid flatbed delivers best-in-class image quality at an affordable price, making it the perfect choice for production and print shop environments looking to offer quick service and photographic quality on a wide variety of rigid and flexible substrates. The Rastek H650 prints CMYK plus white in greyscale resolutions up to 600 dpi and in a binary resolution mode that prints at 1,200x900 dpi. In its billboard mode, the H650 produces output at 600x300 dpi at 21.37 square metres per hour, and in its high quality, 16-pass mode at 6 square metres per hour.Maximum print width is 162.5 cm.

European VUTEk, Rastek and MIS Launches
The following VUTEk and Rastek systems debuted last month at ISA in Las Vegas (USA) and will also on display at FESPA.

The VUTEk GS3200 flatbed and roll-to-roll UV printer combines revolutionary photorealistic quality and superwide speed without compromise, thus expanding the reach of superwide inkjet printing into new industries and innovative applications. It comes with 1000 dpi for high-precision quality and 12-picolitre droplet technology for all colours, including white. The printer also offers advanced three-layer capabilities for high impact point-of-purchase graphics. It delivers sellable quality output of up to 223 m²/hr with continuous board-to-board, board-to-sheet and roll-to-roll printing capabilities.
The VUTEk GS5000r roll-to-roll UV printer redefines five-metre printing by combining point-of-purchase quality with billboard production level speeds up to 288m²/hr. This allows EFI's customers to tap into the premium-margin markets that demand point-of-purchase (POP) quality graphics. Its unmatched quick-turn capability reduces inventory, increases customer satisfaction by eliminating lengthy lead-times, and accommodates last-minute changes. It comes with dual resolution of true 600 or 1000 dpi.
Rastek T660 UV flatbed provides best-in-class image quality and price/performance. It prints up to 28.87m²/hr on a wide range of coated and uncoated flexible and rigid media, including glass and aluminium. With a maximum print width of 122 cm and a fixed vacuum table with a precise moving gantry, this printer stands out from other entry-level wide-format systems because of its white ink capability and crisp four-point text.

Shown at last month's ISA in Las Vegas (USA) and for the first time in Europe at Northprint in Harrogate (UK), EFI's Pace management information system made its mainland debut here at FESPA. Pace is an integrated, browser-based print management system for medium-sized printing companies. The software suite includes: Estimating, Production Management, Inventory, Purchasing, Data Collection, Integrated Accounting, Shipment, Variable Data and eCommerce solution modules. It integrates fully with EFI's Fiery XF production RIPs as well as all VUTEk and Rastek engines. Pace is browser-based, features an open database platform and is extremely easy to use.

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