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Bringing life to windows
By Denise Nathan

Now you can bring life to windows and add a whole new dimension in advertising and decoration by using rear projection films to create an animated display.

Shop windows are usually covered with static images or messages. Now with new rear projection films any glass, window or see through panel can instantly become a dynamic display. Self-adhesive rear projection films can be applied onto natural or synthetic glass and can be installed easily just like normal film. The film is applied onto the inside of the glass with a projector set up behind to beam images directly on to the film. The image


can then be viewed from either side of the glass attracting the attention of both passers- by and in store customers.

Quality rear projection films offer high definition, contrasting colours and a superior image resolution, which allows images to be visible at both close range and a distance and in day or night conditions. Any message can be seen 24/7 adding value to the installation.

Using an animated screen gives the flexibility of targeting different audiences at different times. Unlike static images which display the same constant advertisement, advertisers can choose to customise their message to suit a particular audience which can change during the course of the day, night, weekends or even for special events

Rear projection films have many advantages over traditional electronic display screens.

They can be produced in any size from small to extra large and made into any imaginable shape by computer cutting in the same way as conventional vinyl. TV screens simply do not offer this flexibility. With rear projection films, company logos can also be cut with videos, images, messages or even light effects, projected onto them for a unique, eye-catching effect.

Using a self adhesive film can be much more cost effective. Application and removal is fast. Films last for up to 5 years and with a film there are no maintenance costs or break down issues. Screen placement is usually within reach of customers and vandals putting expensive equipment at risk of damage or theft.  Using a self adhesive screen keeps expensive projector equipment away from the public and in the event of glass breakage, vandalism or damage, they can be removed and replaced instantly and at a lesser cost.

Younger generations are very responsive to technology. By teaming rear projection with touch film technology a truly unique animated and interactive display can be created. Customers can interact with a product before entering the store.Rear projection is ideal for a wide variety of applications. These are just some ideas where this technology can add value:

  • Department stores and retail stops can advertise specials, showcase products inside their stores or create interesting appealing videos to draw a
  • customer’s attention to their shop.
  • Fashion houses can display runway shows of their latest collections.
  • Car dealerships can show moving images of their vehicles and other performance features to attract passers-by.
  • Travel agencies can entice people into their shop by showcasing exciting destinations.
  • Public transport stations and car park buildings can use screens to provide information or hire them out to advertisers as a revenue stream.
  • Instead of a static sign, companies can project light effects onto their company logo to create an attention grabbing sign day and night in place of a normal illuminated light box.
  • Exhibitions, museums and art galleries can use this technology to create a unique atmosphere for special events.
  • Portable display screens can be produced so companies can use their promotions in various locations and events

The possibilities are limitless.

Rear projection technology is sophisticated but using it simple. By adding value to a simple self adhesive installation, rear projection applications will deliver increased profitable opportunities to your business and open up exciting new market prospects.

Denise Nathan is Marketing Manager - MACtac in Oceania