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New anti-graffiti protection for textured wall graphics
By Denise Nathan

Unsealed, textured concrete or brick walls can now be used for advertising or decorative purposes thanks to new conformable wall films. The specialized aggressive adhesives and soft top sheets can be molded into the surface with heat giving the appearance of a painted wall with stunning effects.

Applying graphics directly to a wall has many advantages. Any size or shape can be applied and a fixed structure or frame does not need to be drilled into the building so there is no surface damage.

A huge problem in the past with this application has been vandalism. Exterior walls are targets for graffiti “artists”. Once a print is tagged the damage is done and replacement or removal has been the only solution. Some advertisers have shied away from this type of decoration due to these potential problems and costs.

Previously anti graffiti laminates have been a polyester construction and as such could only be applied to perfectly smooth and flat surfaces. Now with new developments in technology, conformable anti graffiti laminates are available. These films have been designed specifically for 3D wall applications. Advertisers no longer need to avoid certain applications or locations for fear of vandalism. It also offers another huge advantage and that is walls that are prone to tagging can be beautified with a digital print and still be functional in that cleaning any graffiti is easier than a bare painted wall. This can be a significant selling point for our industry and provide new business opportunities

This video shows how easily wall graphics can be applied to transform a wall and cleaned in the event of vandalism.


Denise Nathan is Marketing Manager - MACtac in Oceania