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Anti graffiti films
By Denise Nathan

Graffiti is an ever increasing problem in our society. Spray paint, scratching and vandalism can cause unsightly and irreparable damage to signage and ruin a customer’s image or advertising campaign.

Offering graffiti protection on signage and digital prints is not only a wise investment from the customers perspective, it also gives sign companies the opportunity to up sell a job and increase the profitability of a sale. The extra cost to the customer pales in comparison to the cost of replacement of new signage or worse the underlying substrate so it is a beneficial service for both parties.


There are 3 main benefits various graffiti solutions can offer.
- Protection against spray painting/markers
- Scratch protection/resistance
- Security/safety from breaking glass.


Research shows that not only does graffiti create a huge financial burden in terms of clean up, replacement and repair it also creates a negative psychological response. It impacts on people’s perception of their surroundings and feelings of comfort and safety. The presence of graffiti can discourage shoppers. In public transport stations or shelters graffiti can make people feel unsafe and less willing to utilize their services so business can be affected on a number of different levels if the problem of graffiti is not addressed.

Unfortunately nothing can be done to prevent graffiti but self adhesive graffiti film solutions offer fast and economical paint or maker removal without compromising the underlying graphic. Another advantage is that they are not affected by the chemicals and abrasive cleaning required to remove graffiti and the same area can be cleaned a multitude of times before showing wear or deterioration.

Customers with buildings or smooth walls who find themselves regular targets of graffiti could benefit from the installation of a sign or digital print with an anti graffiti laminate. Not only would it improve the appearance of their premises and make the site easier to clean, the  additional benefits of  advertising or advertising revenue could be far more cost effective then leaving the site unprotected and using traditional cleaning methods on a regular basis.


Window etching and scratching is a more permanent form of vandalism. Damaged glass is extremely costly to repair or replace. Self adhesive glass anti graffiti films come in a range of thickness depending on the level of protection required and protect scratches and etching going through to the glass. Damaged film can be easily removed and replaced on site.
The film is applied directly onto glass, offering complete optical clarity so the film is completely invisible to potential vandals. These clear films do not compromise the view and have the additional benefit of UV inhibitors so protect retail or office interiors against harmful and damaging UV rays.

Digital graphics on windows can also be laminated with these protective films. While the print would also have to be removed in the case of damage it still prevents the more costly occurrence of damage to the glass. However if the customer doesn’t want to replace the print this can be easily overcome by applying the digital image to the inside of the glass and the anti graffiti film to the exterior.


Applying specialized clear films onto ordinary glass provides an additional security barrier.
These invisible films protect against injury from flying glass fragments. In the case of accidents or explosions the film will hold the shattered glass together preventing dangerous razor sharp fragments being propelled at high speeds towards the occupants. The threat of severe injuries is significantly reduced simply by applying the film onto existing windows.

These films also provide security against forced entry by slowing down any potential burglar intrusions. Security films are ideal for use on retail windows of banks, electronic shops, jewelry shops, liquor stores or any other store at high risk of burglary or vandalism. They can also be used in offices and at home so the potential market for this application is huge and could be easy additional business for any sign company.

Adding a graffiti protection/security laminate to any print or application is a simple and cost effective add on and offers numerous benefits to clients that far exceed the initial installation cost. It enables our industry to increase sales opportunities to our target market and offers a new profitable application opportunity.

Denise Nathan is Marketing Manager - MACtac in Oceania