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Growth markets for 2010 - interior decoration
By Denise Nathan

2010 is set to be an exciting year in self adhesive film development.


Despite the economic downturn and 2009 being reported as the worst year on record for the wide format printing community (FESPA Economy Survey 2,) Research & Development in self adhesive manufacturing is alive and well. While cutting costs is a usual reaction in times of recession, development of new applications and technology is also critical. These new developments allow manufacturers and convertors to create new markets and also to tap into existing markets generally not serviced by self adhesive films. Usually in such cases self adhesive films can offer a much more economical solution and therefore profitability is less at the mercy of competition compared to more traditional printing markets.

Interior decoration is a market that has experienced good growth and will continue to offer new opportunities for printers in 2010. There is nothing new about internal retail advertising and promotion but using self adhesive as a purely decorative medium is gaining in popularity both in retail, office and home environments and new films are allowing more creative and exciting applications.

Wall Art and Decoration – rather than purchasing cheap premade prints or investing in expensive artwork or photography, stunning personalized “works of art” can easily be created. Digital printing can offer specialized wall papers, murals or decoration. New adhesive technology means these films can be easily applied by anyone, removed, repositioned and reused if required. Our technology has become affordable to the in home market and digital prints and computer cut imaging are a great way for people to enhance their own space.

Building Material Finishes- self adhesive films can be used to simulate more expensive building materials such as wood and metal finishes. Printing is usually far more economical and also has the advantage of the client being able to update their surroundings when required. New textures and finishes to digital prints are being made possible by new generations of laminates which provide the texture or finish over the digital print making the film look even more like its intended substrate (i.e. wood, metal, leather, crystal)

Floor graphics- Floor graphics can be used for effect as opposed to advertising. Again they are much cheaper then specialized flooring options and can be changed on a regular basis to keep imaging fresh.

Furniture -Self adhesive can also be used to enhance existing furnishings such as table tops, counters, benches, doors and drawers.

Windows- Coloured transparent films can be used as mock stained glass. They are easy to apply and replace in the event of damage or breakage. They also add an interesting dimension to windows and colourful light play inside.
New “glass clear” print films are also ideal for this application as once applied they are virtually invisible on the glass so the image does not look like a big sticker.

The challenge is in communicating these new technologies and possibilities to the wider market. Interior decorators, architects and households are not always aware of these developments, how they can be used or how affordable self adhesive decorations can be. By promoting our services to the wider market we can expand our business and create new profitable applications.

Denise Nathan is Marketing Manager - MACtac in Oceania
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