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Street graphics
By Denise Nathan

Floor graphics are a medium increasing in popularity in internal retail environments. Today we are seeing large shopping malls, supermarkets and sport’s centres investing in this innovative and vibrant media. Now thanks to recent advances in self adhesive technology a new product called STREETrap allows graphics to be applied outside to exterior pavements.

Floor graphics are a fantastic medium for grabbing customer attention as it is a new and exciting advertising medium that consumers have not yet become desensitised too.

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 StreetRap - MACtac sidewalk003.gif
 StreetRap - parking1.gif
 StreetRap - parking4.gif
 StreetRap - Walsh Concrete Graphic.gif

Extending this concept to exterior street signs adds a whole new dimension to outdoor advertising and their novelty ensures maximum attention from potential customers. The advantage of this medium is that they can be any size to create high visibility without creating clutter or interfering in pedestrian traffic flow. Many city councils are imposing restrictions on sandwich boards as they feel it creates a pedestrian hazard. Street graphics allow retailers to capture the attention of passers by without creating any safety issues.

Outdoor floor graphics can be extremely cost effective compared to other forms of advertising. The base film and laminate are printed and installed in the same way as an interior graphic and the use of a heat gun allows the film to take on the texture of the underlying pavement so the graphic blends seamlessly into the surface.

Exterior floor graphics are ideal in place of sandwich boards, directional signage or welcome mats in shop entrance ways. They offer exciting new advertising opportunities on petrol stations forecourts, car parks, in outdoor entertainment venues, sports stadiums or exhibitions.

Graphics can be removed without causing damage to the underlying surface so campaigns can easily be changed.

Creativity in design is the key to gaining maximum exposure. Innovation and impact are guaranteed to capture people’s attention and ensure the client’s message is seen. Streetrap offers our industry an exciting new advertising medium to promote to clients. At a time when advertisers are looking for more cost effective advertising opportunities without losing visibility of their brand in the market, Streetrap can be a very effective and profitable solution for the right campaign.

Denise Nathan is Marketing Manager - MACtac in Oceania

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