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Stair graphics
by Denise Nathan

Stair graphics is a new advertising medium growing in popularity in overseas markets.


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They are an extension of floor graphics using similar processes and concepts yet offering an innovative and unusual media space. As advertisers are constantly on the look out to grab consumer attention, stair graphics can offer a new dimension to traditional brand promotion.

The success of any stair graphic campaign is in the creativity and execution of the design. Rather than placing a repetitive slogan on each stair, using the whole stair case as a singular billboard creates maximum impact and a much larger advertising space. The advertisement will be much more noticeable and memorable.

With the right design and placement, the graphic appears as an upright billboard but with the advantage of not taking up any additional retail or pedestrian space. This is a huge advantage in heavy traffic areas where space is a premium.

The message is stronger if complimented with other point of sale promotions. Using posters, floor graphics or other displays in the lead up to stair graphics gives a greater overall impact. This is exactly what advertisers in overseas markets are doing and are finding the return on this extra investment very cost effective.

Stair graphics can be in sports stadiums, exhibition halls, airports, shopping centres and transport hubs.
The most critical element in production is to identify the surface of the stairs and to ensure you are using a compatible self adhesive film. To protect against scuffing and abrasion they can be protected with a durable floor graphic laminate. Other than extra preparation and application time, stair graphics require similar production processes to any other printed poster so can easily be offered as an extra service to existing clients.

Denise Nathan is Marketing Manager - MACtac in Oceania
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