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Wall graphics
by Denise Nathan

The latest development in self adhesive technology has opened up another exciting possibility for graphic application – exterior walls.

These surfaces are typically unsealed, textured concrete or brick and traditionally do not have surfaces well suited for a self adhesive application. These new films open up a whole range of exciting possibilities and present new opportunities for sign companies to further develop their business.


Before the invention of wall wrap films, utilising exterior building space for advertising/branding purposes was possible but with limitations.

Painting walls was one option but the sheer time and cost limited this application to more long term permanent messages. The type of image was also extremely limited to simple graphics and text.

The other difficulty with painted signage is in the removal of graffiti as harsh chemicals also destroy the underlying image.

Printing on wall wrap allows the graphic to be easily installed and removed allowing campaigns to be turned over faster.

In the incident of vandalism the graphic can be replaced.

Images can be higher definition, more complex and eye catching.

Attaching fixed structures or framing onto external building walls and fastening billboards or banners to the structure can overcome the limitations of paint. While this allows for cost effective, high turn-over and quality imaging, there are restrictions and disadvantages. The image has to be able to fit into the defined dimensions of the attached billboard space and can only be placed on the part of the building where the fixed structure is. Fixing any frame work to a building requires drilling into the building surface and in the case of some heritage buildings this is not always possible or desired. Being able to stick a graphic directly to a wall gives total freedom in placement, size and shape of the graphic. This flexibility gives more opportunity for buildings to be utilized as valuable advertising space, increasing revenue for building owners.

Wall wrap products offer an attractive finish as the image takes on the textured appearance of the underlying surface blending seamlessly into the building surface.

New wall wrap films offer exciting new creative possibilities for advertisers and new opportunities for sign companies to increase their services to clients.

Denise Nathan is Marketing Manager - MACtac in Oceania
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