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Laminating Tips
By Denise Nathan

Why Overlaminate?
Do you need to over laminate your digital print? Lamination is beneficial for four main reasons.

Avoiding Vinyl Failure Part 2: Identifying your Application Surface
By Denise Nathan

Many vinyl failures are caused due to a mishandling of, or failure to identify the application surface. The previous tips and tricks looked at the impact of surface contamination and how this impacts on vinyl and adhesive performance. The next thing to consider to ensure graphic performance is the surface composition and how some popular substrates require special consideration and preparation before application.

Avoiding Vinyl Failure Part 1: Surface Contimination
By Denise Nathan

Self adhesive failure on any campaign is a costly exercise and can put unnecessary strain on client relations. Today there is a myriad of vinyls to choose from for all types of applications. The sign professional can easily choose the right vinyl and adhesive for the job based on his knowledge and experience and with the help of a sign material supplier, however one factor that is often not determined or controlled by the sign professional is the surface being applied to.

Choosing the right media for digital printing
By Denise Nathan 

To achieve the best print results and performance throughout a campaign there are a number of variables to consider. Firstly one of the most important aspects is choosing the right media. It sounds obvious, but surprisingly vinyl failures still occur because the film used did not meet the criteria of the application.

To Bubble Free or not to Bubble Free 
By Denise Nathan 

The latest advance in adhesive technology has been the development of bubble free films. These films have a special adhesive structure with channels that enable air to escape during application. This allows for easy and fast application as the applicator need not be concerned about trapped air bubbles during application or spending time post application piercing air bubbles. These films offer good initial repositionability and wrinkles can easily be pushed out. The end result is a significant reduction in labour time.