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Wall graphics
by Denise Nathan

The latest development in self adhesive technology has opened up another exciting possibility for graphic application – exterior walls.

New market opportunities for self adhesive 
by Denise Nathan 

It’s an exciting time for the sign and visual communications market. The rapid development of technology has put our industry in a strong position to offer more advertising opportunities to end users.

Sticky Business
By Denise Nathan

When choosing the right self-adhesive product for graphic applications, many aspects need to be considered. Typically the focus tends to be on the material’s top sheet, aspects such as colour, print receptivity, durability, and conformability.  Another consideration, one that is often overlooked, is the performance of the adhesive.

Applying vehicle graphics differently
By Denise Nathan

Today, self adhesive vinyl technology offers so many new opportunities for decoration. Applications that were not possible years ago are now becoming the norm thanks to advances in top sheet and adhesive technology.

Cast vs. Calendered..Which is the best film?
By Denise Nathan

Many purchasing decisions today are still made on the basis of whether a film is cast or calendered without other properties of the film being considered.