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Street graphics
By Denise Nathan

Floor graphics are a medium increasing in popularity in internal retail environments. Today we are seeing large shopping malls, supermarkets and sport’s centres investing in this innovative and vibrant media. Now thanks to recent advances in self adhesive technology a new product called STREETrap allows graphics to be applied outside to exterior pavements.

Replacing paint with vinyl
By Denise Nathan

Self adhesive film technology has undergone significant improvements over the years. Films are more durable and flexible and new adhesives are continually being developed to allow for more unusual and demanding applications.

Lift advertising
by Denise Nathan 

There have been many interesting things written on the psychology of human behavior in elevators. It seems to be one of those potentially awkward moments where complete strangers invade each other’s personal space.

Stair graphics
by Denise Nathan

Stair graphics is a new advertising medium growing in popularity in overseas markets.

Floor graphics
By Denise Nathan

Marketers and advertisers have long realised the benefits of Point of Purchase (POP) advertising and the influence it has on purchasing behaviour. Many studies have been conducted that support the notion that customers make many of their buying decisions in store on impulse. In fact, some suggest as much as 70% of brand purchasing decisions hang in the balance when a customer enters a store!