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A look at the new CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4

Corel seem determined to put more and more into each and every new version of CorelDRAW that emerges from the developers. The reason is simply productivity, time is money in today's creative envoronment. This is never more true than in the Visual Industries, where business is usually extremely competitive. Staying ahead in the creative department can mean winning or retaining clients.

As you know Corel is one of the mainstays of the sign and display industry and for good reason. It's an easy package to learn and does the job exceptional well. What's more, it's not expensive when compared to some other competitive programs.

First off, owners of X4 don't just get CorelDRAW they also receive:

• Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4: Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 is a professional image-editing application that lets users quickly and easily retouch and enhance photos. It is specifically designed for use in a graphics workflow.
• Corel PowerTRACE X4: Professional designers often receive poor-quality bitmap images from clients and face the challenge of turning these bitmaps into high-quality vector images for business cards, brochures, signs, or other promotional items. Corel PowerTRACE X4 solves this problem by letting users quickly and accurately convert bitmaps into editable vector graphics.
• Corel CAPTURE X4: Corel CAPTURE X4 is a one-click screen-capture utility that lets users capture images from their computer screens.

Supporting applications
• Barcode wizard: The Barcode wizard lets users generate bar codes in a wide range of industry-standard formats.
• Service Bureau Profiler: The Service Bureau Profiler helps users prepare their work for professional output.
• Duplexing wizard: The Duplexing wizard helps users optimize their work for printing two-sided documents.
• Bitstream Font Navigator: The Bitstream Font Navigator is an award winning font manager for the Windows operating system. It lets users manage, find, install, and preview fonts.

Let's have a look at the new inclusions and features of the new version:
A collection of more than 10,000 high-quality clipart and digital images includes 4,000 new images, all of which, they say, were individually selected to meet the needs of design professionals and occasional graphics users
• New! 1,000 professional high-resolution digital photos.
• 1,000 OpenType fonts, including 75 Windows Glyph List 4 (WGL4) fonts and 10 single-line engraving fonts
• 80 professionally designed templates.

New and enhanced features include:
• A more intuitive user interface with redesigned and modernized icons, menus, and controls.
• New CorelDRAW ConceptShare to collaborate with colleagues or clients in real time.
• Better bitmap-to-vector conversion with the enhanced Corel PowerTRACE X4.
• Matching colors between Corel and Microsoft applications with the new Windows Color System.
• Match colors between Corel and Adobe applications with the new Adobe Color Management Module.
• Combine a drawing with text from a data source by using the enhanced Print Merge wizard.
• Customisable workspaces simplify the transition to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, or choose a preset workspace that resembles Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Microsoft Office.
• Collaborate with colleagues and clients by using the enhanced support for PDF Comments.
• Automate workflow with enhanced support for Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications 6.4.
• Control over panning and zooming with enhanced mouse-wheel scrolling.
• Enhanced Windows Vista integration to easily organise projects and search for files.
• New and editable content which includes 10,000 clipart images and 1,000 high-quality photos.
• Output is optimised for its intended audience with a collection of specialised fonts, including single-line engraving fonts and OpenType cross-platform fonts.
• A new, redesigned New From Template dialog box to find the right template for any job.
• 80 professionally designed templates with notes about design choices, output tips, and ways to maintain good design when customising templates.
• Experience enhanced compatibility with Adobe products, including Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, PDF 1.7, PDF/A, and Acrobat 8.
• Enjoy seamless compatibility with commonly used file formats, including new support for Microsoft Publisher, as well as AutoCAD DXF™,
AutoCAD DWG™, and Corel Painter™ X.
• Easily find Corel PHOTO-PAINT files with new, high-quality thumbnail previews.

Accelerate layout and text editing
• Use the new, interactive Table tool to provide structured layouts for text and graphics.
• Experience greater layout freedom with new independent page layers.
• Enjoy the convenience of new, live text formatting to preview formatting changes before they are applied.
• Save time by quickly identifying fonts with the new integration with WhatTheFont™.
• Mirror paragraph text horizontally or vertically, or both.
• Customise quotation marks for specific languages.
• Save time with applications that use proper numeric formats by recognising the operating system’s regional settings.

Get inspired and gain knowledge
• Quickly access recently used documents, templates, learning tools, and inspiring designs from the new Welcome screen.
• View breathtaking projects and learn from seasoned design professionals with the new CorelDRAW Handbook — Insights from the Experts.
• Delve into the 2 hours of new DVD training videos.
• Access online, project-based instruction with new and updated tutorials from CorelTUTOR™.
• Visit and share designs, ideas, and inspiration with this growing online community.

Discover advanced image-editing features
• Experience new support for raw camera files with interactive controls that let users preview adjustments in real time.
• Use new, interactive controls to quickly and easily straighten images.
• Preview image-editing changes in real time by using histogram feedback, available with more features than ever before.
• Adjust images with more precision by using the enhanced Tone Curve dialog box.
• Get streamlined page sizes that better reflect the geographic location of the user.