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Partnerships key to survival in digital age

Steve Strang National Account Director Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions was the recipient of the 2015 Visual Connections Industry Overseas Research Grant valued at $15,000. 


Mr. Strang has now completed his research project, which explored the impact of mobile technology on print, and other industries, and his finding are illuminating. Research was conducted in Israel, where he visited Top Image Systems in Tel Aviv, and at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain. 

SteveStrangLR 002
Steve Strang National Account Director Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions

The key outcome, says Mr. Strang, is the need for the print industry to focus on collaboration with digital partners. “The printing industry cannot survive if it tries to operate in isolation as the rest of the world continues to move forward into an integrated and automated future. The technological advances and the amount of funding being poured into the ‘digital’ space will simply wash away the industry that does not change.”
Mr. Strang asserts that by 2025 “there will be 4B new broadband users, the data traffic each person consumes will increase more than 500 fold, and more than 100 billion “things” will be connected. 2K and 4K video will become mainstream driving rich user experiences, and new technologies not even thought of yet, most likely in the augmented and virtual reality arenas will see notable integrations and improvements. The digital and physical worlds are integrating rapidly, presenting not just the printing industry, but the ICT industry with new opportunities and challenges”.
He believes the printing industry has many of the skills needed to transform including budgeting, leadership, management, and infrastructure, but is lacking a cohesive and coordinated approach. 
“The world is changing (no surprise), it is becoming digitally integrated in a way never seen before (again no surprise), the question is what the print industry will do in response to pro-actively take advantage of the huge range of opportunities never seen before?”
“The Visual Connections Grant has given me the unique opportunity to view some of the most ground breaking technology that can make step changes to our industry both in cost out initiatives and new technology integration. This experience has provided me with new channels to gather information, new sources of reading material, and contacts internationally to hear about developments within the mobile and digital arenas. It is my hope that the industry will gain some benefits from this overseas investigation and I will support any future programs or engagements that are related to innovation within our industry,” he concludes.

For further information:

Karen Goldsmith  
General Manager Association
Visual Connections Australia  
02 9868 1577