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A laminator - every shop should have one!

Lamination is the process of bonding clear film onto printed substrates to add strength and rigidity for durability and protection against scratching or UV and other damage.


Most common in the sign industry today is cold pressure sensitive lamination now with heat assist to prevent silvering. There is also the process of encapsulation where layers of film are bonded to each side to totally enclose the substrate for maximum protection (more commonly seen in the finishing side of print).
Films are available in a number of varieties such as Thermal Films in gloss or matt ranging from 1mil to 12 mil in thickness consisting of a polyester base film and thermal copolymer adhesive. These are ideal for presentation materials, photographics, posters, menus, POS displays and ID Cards to name just a few.
Pressure sensitive films - for mounting - are available in white or clear 75-80 microns with strong acrylic adhesive consisting of white polypropylene or clear polyester. They are suitable for digital print, poster, photographs, POP/POS display or commercial artwork. Print Pro™ UV Films are an UV vinyl base film which contain 100 percent solvent acrylic permanent adhesive with various finishes such as gloss, embo, sand and texture between 80 and 115 micron. Many digital films today have matched lamination films designed to match and work together from the same manufacturer.

The ubiquitous Ezy Taper

There is also liquid lamination which requires a different type of equipment and suits different needs.
Variables that may affect lamination conditions and basic requirements for good results:
There are several variables that can affect proper lamination conditions. Most of these variables are a result of laminator conditions.
Use smooth, clean, parallel, properly adjusted pressure. Good lamination must begin with nip rolls in excellent condition and adjustment. The upper and lower rolls should be smooth, clean, parallel and have left and right side pressure adjustability.
Concave, convex or canted rolls will cause problems. Concave rolls may lead to poor bond, adhesive picking and trapped air bubbles. Convex rolls may result in poor adhesion, lifting and trapped air bubbles, while canted rolls may cause problems with regard to web steering difficulty, wrinkling and trapped air bubbles.
The in and out feed tables should be at the same level or plane and of the correct length to hold at least one sheet of substrate. An incorrectly positioned out feed table will cause curl or laminate stresses.
Ensure that the roll of the laminating adhesive is threaded into the machine at a 180 degree angle so that there is a sufficient smooth wrap around the rubber roll. This will prepare the adhesive and liner for a smooth laid down on to the substrate. If the roll wrap is threaded at the incorrect degree, there will not be enough wrap around the rubber roll and wrinkling and bubbling may result.

Emseal Applikator 2R
The popular Emseal Applikator 2R

Nip roll pressures can be controlled by screw downs or air cylinders and also done manually. Single control design is best – this will ensure simultaneous and uniform adjustment of both actuators. (Note that when non-uniform pressure is applied, wrinkling and steering of the web will occur.)
A common application problem occurs when the laminating adhesive contacts the substrate prior to the nip pressure, causing entrapment. The air will then remain trapped in the laminate as it passes through the nip. This trapped air results in adhesive picking during liner removal.
Before laminating items that are small, low volume and/or difficult to register, it is wise to use either a hand plastic squeegee or small hand rollers. In this way the same principles of nip roll lamination are used. Entrapment of air can be prevented with firm, uniform pressure. This will keep the adhesive off the substrate until the correct pressure contact is made.
In a nutshell, the basic requirements to get good laminating results include:
* having a clean substrate surface;
* making a habit of laminating to exclude air entrapment;
* ensuring that adequate and uniform nip roll pressure is provided;
* ensuring that good roll wrap (180 degrees), web tension and steering is provided for a wrinkle free laminate;
* allowing minimum adhesive dwell time of 15-30 mins before liner is removed. (25 hours is preferable.)

atlantic 1650 back
Spicers have sold many of the Atlantic 1650

Laminating Techniques
The correct laminating techniques are most important to ensure successful application. A poor lamination can compromise the performance and detail of the finished wrap or graphic. We've provided a few tips to provide your items with a proper finish.
(1) Why laminate?
Take time to consider why you need an over-laminate and whether or not your prefer matte or gloss. Is it to protect from the elements, particularly damaging UV light rays? Will it be done for aesthetic reasons? Would you like to enhance the image by smoothing out the print and adding depth to the image? Have you though about the workability of the final graphic - in other words, how is it to be used?
(Note that a cold laminate can add body to a thin vinyl film and allow for easier installation - this is highly beneficial for a conformable wrap application.)
(2) Drying time
A printed image should be allowed the right amount of drying time for curing the inks. A period of at least 24 hours prior to lamination is suggested. Insufficient dry time can result in solvents from the ink to become trapped between the laminate and the vinyl, causing failure in a short period of time.
(3) Maintain and prepare your laminator regularly
Since every film is different, your laminator should be properly set up to handle the film run on any given day.
(a) When preparing your laminator, consider the width of the laminating film to the width of the printed image. The laminate should be wider then the image but narrower then the overall media. If this does not always occur, ensure that exposed adhesive does not leave residue on the rollers.
(b) Use a practice piece of laminate and media to adjust tension settings on the machine before laminating. If an assistant is required to pull the material through the back side of the laminator, ensure that the material is pulled slowly, in a straight and even motion, to eliminate as much stretching of the vinyl as possible. (Note that too much tension will cause stretching of the laminate and vinyl which will ultimately cause problems during application.)

Rollover Flexi Small
The entry level Rollover Flexi 3360 x 1550mm

(4) Dust and dirt
A lint free cloth should always be on hand to wipe away any dust and dirt. It is also good practice to thoroughly inspect the printed image as you are feeding it through. Not that (a) a properly grounded laminator will help to eliminate dust and (b) surplus dust can be trapped with a static string.
(5) Lay images flat after laminating
Always lay the printed, laminate images flat for several hours after laminating to allow laminate to wet-out. In this way, the laminate adhesive can flow, and silvering and possible de-lamination from the printed image will be prevented.
(6) Never leave the rollers on your laminator compressed
Rollers on your laminator should never be left compressed as this will cause flat spots on the rubber rollers and eventually sabotage your lamination process.
(7) 'Sun out' imperfections
Mottling and/or scratching may occur on thinner laminates. Placing the items out in the sun for a day or so will cause the imperfection to be transformed into an attractive paint-like finish.
Factors to consider before purchasing a laminator
When making the decision to purchase a laminator, there are several factors to consider, starting with end use application, which will determine the type of laminator and materials used. For example, vehicle wrap graphics are printed and laminated using cold UV Vinyl, while a pop up display could be printed on paper and then laminated using a thermal PET.

Denmark 2
The Australian Laminating Denmark 1650HA

Hot laminators work with heat-activated, heat-assist, or pressure-sensitive films, while cold laminators process pressure-sensitive materials. Cold pressure-sensitive roll laminators apply cold adhesive films, laminates, adhesives, and adhesive-coated boards to one side of the printed piece. Cold laminators don’t have the same power requirements as hot machines. Thermal films have to heat up to a certain temperature to activate -  the laminating machine has to have enough power to heat the films to get to their activation level. Thermal machines draw more power, so electrical specifications need to be considered. Heat assist cold laminators also don’t require as much power as traditional heated roller machines. While many wide-format hot roll systems have special power requirements, heat assist models will often run off standard 240v power.
Machine footprint and the type of supply shafts affect the amount of room necessary for placing a machine. The operator will need room to load and unload the rolls onto the machine as well as tables to work with the print media and substrates used. Also consider the width of laminator. Does this match your printer or most common print size, ease of use for the operator and maximum width for mounting of substrates? Also look at space required for loading rolls and tables / boards to unload sheets when laminated.


Thanks for this article must go to Formax and 3M Lamination Techniques for Converters of Laminating Adhesives - Technical Bulletin, March 2004
The article was read and updated by Ian Parsonson of PT Store.

Some comments from the users
(We have only published here those comments where the author of the comment agreed to be named - we received many comments where people did not want to be identified.)


G1650A (Cold)
It does the job without any hassles, yes I'd suggest it if someone was looking to invest in one.
(Shane Drew, DSI Pty Ltd, Waterford West, QLD)
EMSEAL 4K (Heated)
Unbelievable. Had this for over 5 years and has been excellent. One of the benefits is that it is Australian Made, and you can actually ring them and speak to the blokes that make/design/manufacture them. We had a minor issue years ago with the heater thermostat and we got it fixed over the phone to get us up and running AND they then sent new parts for us to install to replace the 'quick-fix'. Now looking at their latest upgraded and wider version which has a chain drive (rather than the rubber pulley system) which has been borne out of customer feedback. Would highly recommend them
(Tony Mitchell, Crossroads Concepts, Port Augusta, SA)

Emseal 2R 1650 (hot/cold
Exceptional Australian Made laminator, never missed a beat and can easily run a full 50 metre roll running straight
(Liam Tierney, Tierney Signs Pty Ltd.,Toowoomba, QLD)


Rollover 4 x 1.5m
probably the best thing we have in our shop. we had a work experience kid applying 50 600 x 900 prints to corflute and not one stuff up, anyone can use it.
Also we are saving on lamination as we don't need to change our main laminate over all the time.
(Trent McCabe, Albury Wodonga SignShop, VIC)

EzyTaper - Platinum (Cold)
This laminator is the best, I have had laminators with heated rollers etc but the ease of use with EzyTaper wins hands down. Don't need to use backing paper, minimal wastage of laminate and the machine can also apply app tape and mount to substrates up to 30mm.
A have never had a problem in 5 years with this machine, no more reprints because laminate has developed creases etc. The great part is that this machine takes up no room.
(Steve Thibou, Direct Print Mail & Graphics, VIC, Berwick)

Emseal 1020 (Hot shoe)
I went for the lower cost option at the time a few years back. Regretted it ever since. This machine will not laminate most 190 gsm inkjet prints. Great on bond or matt. They took it back for a couple of weeks with no improvement. This is the metre wide hot shoe model, the roller version may have been better.

(Harry Brelsford - Varsity Graphics - Gold Coast)

Applikator (Cold)
It's good, however I would like a simple narrow format roll to roll laminator /cello machine for my label printer. Mostly just 100mm wide. I can't seem to find any that have been invented. I want it to take 500metre to 1000m rolls and handle 'biscuits' from 50mm wide up to 210mm wide.
(Wayne Knetter, 4CP, Woombye, QLD)

This is a great machine, built tough and does what it is supposed to do. This is the 1040 wide model.
(Harry Brelsford - Varsity Graphics - Gold Coast)


Rollover (cold/Flatbed)
Rollover worth every cent we paid for it. I would most definitely recommend the Rollover flatbed
Laminating. Only use the exact amount of laminate you need laminating cost cut by 25%
Mounting prints to ACM Panel
line the print up drop the roller in the middle roll out one side then the other side
2 minutes to mount 2400mm x 1200mm sign
Pays for itself in 1 year or less.
(Andrew Dunn, AMS Sign Service, Burnside, QLD)


 Signmaster Easy Roller 60 (Flatbed)
We purchased this machine only recently & so far very impressed. Easy to use & versatile. We do have a roll-roll machine for most of our laminating, the Easy Roller gives us the option for mounting, and also to do odd laminating small jobs when the roll-roll machine is not available due to workload. Time from order to delivery was an issue, but now we have it, we're pleased with the decision.
(Iain Gartley, Graphic Effects, Blackburn, VIC)

Rollover 2 x 4000mm x 1500mm
Saves time and efficiency
(Rolly Frizzell, Signasaurus (QLD)
 Emseal Applicator 2R 1650 (Cold)
We purchased this machine in January 2009 and it is still running perfectly today. From memory, we've had a technician out maybe once or twice in that time to do minor work. Recently we would have laminated over 700 lineal metres of SAV print in just over a week to meet a deadline. Our main work is Vehicle Wrapping, so a high standard is required. The 2R 1650 has been totally relaible, easy to use & I would highly recomend to others.
(Iain Gartley, Graphic Effects, Blackburn, VIC )
 Ezy Taper (Cold)
Good and simple. I have the early model and have issues trying to get the correct 'even' pressure when covering 3mm to 8mm sheets
(Brett Connelly, Connelly Images, Corrigin WA)
 Ezy Taper (Cold)
The unit has been a saviour to me as a small one man band. It laminates clear film but also lays printed film on to substrate without any problems at all. It's like having another member of staff with an extra set of hands. Although I have an electric laminator as well, the Ezy Taper has a roll in my business every day and I'll not part with it for any money.
(Shane Drew, DSI Pty Ltd, Waterford West, QLD)
EM Seal R2 Applikator series 2 - 1420 (Cold)
It has been a great laminator, as a 1 person shop it's easy to use. I have made a catchment sleeve for the laminated material to roll up once laminated. I also order my laminate rolls to cut down to 1340mm wide to eliminate the use of a underlay roll (which is just wasted anyway), as you never print to the full width of print media. yes I would recommend this machine.
(Bernie Morrison, Geraldton GraFX, Innisfail, QLD)

EMSEAL 2R (Cold)
Great machine and a quality company. Our 2nd Emseal machine, hasnt missed a beat. Last one only sold due to machine size upgrade. Recommended.
(Michael Bartley, Macedon Ranges Signs, Woodend, VIC)


Rollover (cold flatbed)
very good, works well and very solid construction, illuminated well. would reccommend it.
(David Scrogings, Sticker & Sign Service - Noosaville, QLD)

Since we purchased an EZY-TAPER, we have been able to laminate as well as applying vinyl onto substrates, and applying application tape onto vinyl. One machine does it all, There is no power required. The EZY-TAPER takes up very little space in our shop, its easy to use, even my wife uses it! We have the 1500 mm wide machine which is more than wide enough for almost any job we do. For an investment of less than $6,000 it has well and truly paid for itself in saved time. I can only highly recommend the EZY-TAPER to anyone thinking of purchasing one. Obviously its more than a laminator, so you get more use out of it. The design is so simple, that nothing can go wrong with it.
(Stuart Farnell, Bendigo Graphics, Bendigo, VIC)

Applikator 2R Series 2 - 1420 (Cold)

Awesome. Machine is 10 years old now, and has had 2 minor switch hiccups, but the knowledge and support from the vendor - Emseal, cannot be faulted. I would purchase same brand again, and yes, I would recommend without hesitation.
(Yolinda Foss, Almost Anything Web & Graphic Design, QLD)

Products available:

(Whilst we made every effort to contact all the suppliers of laminating equipment in our region, we were not successful in receiving reviews of all equipment avialable.)


Artmart Australia Pty Ltd
Ausjet AJL1600 Laminator
The Ausjet AJL1600 is a heavy duty laminator with heat assist, designed for easy set-up and quick changeover, making this laminator the perfect partner in any print room.
Two heavy duty rubber rollers with a width of 1600mm, make this not only perfect for media up to 1550mm wide, but also for mounting to substrates up to 1580mm wide. Substrates up to 20mm in thickness can be easily fed through the machine as well.

Ausjet AJL 1600 laminator
Artmart's Ausjet AJL1600 Laminator

Media set-up on the AJL1600 could not be any simpler, just slide your laminate, waste core, and take-up core on, then feed through and secure. The mandrels are self-tensioning. Lower the top roller with the smooth combination gearing, and you are set to go.
If silvering is an issue for you, just turn on the heater. Once you are happy, set the speed on the digital display and let it go. With a maximum speed of 7mtrs/minute, you will be done in no time. If you require extra tension during the lamination process, simply turn the tension handles on the side of the mandrels.
When you need the machine stopped in an instant, simply press one of the emergency stop buttons located conveniently on both sides of the machine. And for added piece of mind the electric eye protective device that runs across the front of the rollers will save from crush injury.
The Ausjet AJL1600 has to be one of the most reliable,


affordable laminators on the market. Please feel free to contact us for a demonstration, you will not be disappointed.




Finishing Touches

When it comes to laminators, Spicers offers a huge, all-encompassing range of laminating solutions to suit your needs, and importantly, your cost base. In fact, matching the right laminator to your budget and your requirements is Spicers specialty.

MISTRAL laser point on hand
Spicer's - Mistral laser point on hand.

‘We have the laminator for everyone. From high end to mid and entry level and everything in between,’ says Jason Hay, National Sales Manager, Sign and Display Hardware. ‘If your question is laminators, we have the answer.’

Not only that, our great deals are coupled with our renowned after-sales support and network of contacts and suppliers.

‘Our laminator suppliers are Kala, Lamination System which own the Sign Master brand, and Australian Laminating Company,’ adds Jason. ‘This allows us to cast a wide net and work out what is the best option for your needs. Cheaper isn’t always best if it’s going to cause more trouble than it is worth, that’s false economy. That said, sometimes the more affordable option is the right fit.’

atlantic 1650 back
Spicers - Atlantic 1650


Choose your price point: Entry-level, Mid-range, High-end

Choose your preferences: Heat Assist, Cold Lamination, Liquid Lamination, Hot Lamination, Special Purpose, Flat Bed, Pouch Lamination, Mounting machines

Choose your size: From A3 laminating to 1.6 metres wide

Choose your brand: Mistral, Atlantic, Arkane, Sign Easy, Sign Master, Denmark, Finland, Dalton and many, many more…

Then fill it up!

It’s all good and well having the machinery for your solution. But what will you put in it? It’s a bit like buying the car with no petrol. Spicers, however, can help.

We have a huge range of premium, intermediate, promotional AND speciality grades of laminates, as well as expert advice and fantastic after-sales assistance.

Ultimately, Laminates are used for graphic protection. You’ve spent a lot of time and money and hard work on your print, so you’re going to want to keep it that way, for as long as possible. Laminates can also have the added bonus of repelling graffiti and foreign debris such as stones or chips, adding anti-slip protection, offering chemical protection and of course, enhancing your graphic with gloss, matt or lustre finishes.

One thing to remember: always use a laminate that is the same or better quality than your media. You can’t put a lesser grade on than what’s underneath. It’s common sense, but it’s also science. If your lesser grade laminate shrinks, it will in turn shrink the graphic underneath, regardless of how premium it is, or was.

Laminating jpg

For more advice on our fantastic laminators and laminate solutions, contact your local Spicers representative on 1300 132 644.



Wilenco Pty Ltd
The Roll Over

The Rollover Flatbed Applicator represents the pinnacle in design and construction within this product group. Most flatbed applicators are based on a compromised design that is over 2 decades old. By utilising modern engineering methods and materials Rollover have eliminated the need for an overhead (or underslung) gantry or frame. This alone resolves the main issues encountered with older designs by:
•    Giving operator free access and vision to the roller
•    Eliminating the need to thread the media between the roller and the gantry
•    Making operation easier, faster and much less prone to handling mistakes due to restricted access or vision


Free access is further enhanced by incorporating roller towers that descend with the roller. There is no real benefit to removing the gantry unless the roller supports descend with the roller to maintain clear access.
The roller support and tracking mechanism designed by Rollover is state of the art with 3 pneumatic rams per side for stability, control and power and a balanced self centering mechanism. This allows some movement in the roller when disengaged (ie. up) with it automatically centering as it descends for perfect alignment every time. As most operators tend to favour a side and a direction of travel machines of this type can, over time, be subject to uneven wear. Any system that cannot self center or self-align (ie. one that is rigid) is more likely, over time, to develop tracking or alignment issues that may affect precision. The Rollover’s track mechanism itself is also contained well above floor level to protect it from accidental damage and contamination.
The Rollover has been designed to be precise. The body is rigid and maintains its own integrity so it does not require levelling when being installed or relocated. Rollovers are heavy, significantly more heavy than some of the competitor’s machines. Comparing the weights of similar sized machines can be quite a revelation and a shorthand way to determine if they’ve been built “down to a budget” or up to a standard. These tools are long term investments so the build quality and materials are important, as is the warranty. All Rollovers, regardless of series, are supplied with a 5 year warranty.
The working surface for both is a self-healing cutting mat over a one piece1 float glass top with LED backlighting underneath.
The Rollover has been designed to be a Print Workstation that makes the usual tasks such as weeding, cutting and layup easier and faster as well as being a precise and easy to use laminator. It is intended to become the main workbench to be utilised for the everyday tasks of the typical sign shop.
Users are reporting around 70% reduction in time spent applying vinyls, foils and app tape. Jobs that previously required 2 people are now able to be done by 1 and unskilled staff can be trained to use the Rollover in an hour or so. Combined with the reduction, if not the complete elimination, of errors leading to re-dos and it’s easy to see how the Rollover will benefit a sign shop, whether big or small.

 Rollover Premium
•    Available in 3m, 4m, 6m or 8m lengths in widths of 1.4m or 1.7m.
•    Weights from approx. 510kg – 1300kg depending on size.
•    Max. thickness of sign substrate 90mm
Rollover Flexi
•    Available in one size, 3.36m x 1.55m.
•    Weight approx. 390kg.
•    Max. thickness of sign substrate 65mm
Roller diameter 130mm (both series)
Illumination LED (both series)
Please refer to website or brochure for full specifications
The Rollover is designed and manufactured by Brdr. Hansen AS in Norway and proudly distributed in Oceania by Wilenco Pty Ltd.
For more information, please go to

1.    Rollovers 6m or longer are supplied as 2 or more modules
rollover banner 002Roll Over



Starleaton Digital Solutions Pty Ltd
Seal Graphics
SEAL 65 Pro MD - The Ultimate Laminator

The Seal 65 Pro MD is the ultimate laminator for finishing professionals requiring a high production, versatile laminator that can run both hot and cold applications. Utilizing cutting edge technology, the Seal 65 Pro MD is capable of running thermal film at two to three times the speed of other laminators on the market – definitely a time saving asset to your business. Measuring 1650 mm wide, this state-of-the-art, multifunctional laminator delivers Seal quality and performance at a competitive price.

Seal 65 Pro MD
The Seal 65 Pro MD

Combining over 100 years of knowledge and experience in engineering and design, the Seal 65 Pro MD incorporates the newest technology available on the market today with the best features currently in use in the Seal family of roller laminators. The Seal 65 Pro MD is manufactured in the USA and offers the best warranty in the industry. Safety and reliability are top priority which is why the 65 Pro MD carries the CE safety certificate.
The Seal 65 Pro MD´s design included two major technological breakthroughs in laminator performance – speed of thermal encapsulation and the Easy Operator Interface™ (EOI).
Unmatched Speed
The Seal 65 Pro MD laminator, capable of thermal encapsulation at speeds up to 4.5 m/min will improve the productivity of any finishing department!
State-of-the-art roller and heating element technology enable the 65 Pro MD to run thermal applications nearly three times faster than most competitive laminators on the market today. The Seal 65 Pro MD has brought finishing production into the 21st century.
Ultimate Control
The Easy Operator Interface™ (EOI) is a state-of-the-art touch screen control panel that is mounted on a swivel pendant for easy movement between the front and the back of the machine. It grants the operator full access to the functions of the laminator, including temperature, speed, cooling, and nip height, all with the simple touch of the screen.
Operators of the Seal 65 Pro MD will have ultimate control of the laminator and instant access to a wealth of information. The EOI delivers maximum flexibility and efficiency to the lamination process leading to cost reductions in labor and materials for your finishing department.
The Seal 65 Pro MD is the ultimate laminator for finishing professionals who want the best result and reliability.


Seal Graphics


Starleaton Digital Solutions


Australian Laminating Company

ALC created their market standing with laminating films and equipment and even though their business today also includes many digital print media’s and other industry associated consumables, laminating is still a major part for what they are known for.

Denmark 2
Australian Laminating Company -The Denmark
StarLam with Logo
Australian Laminating Company - The Starlam

Nationally you will see many Denmark, Finland and Baltic machines installed, these laminators have been fine-tuned over the years and prove to be great value for money work horses, they are also regarded as a reliable, easy to use machine, particularly for the first time laminating person. ALC also offer a budget laminator, the Westbury and recently they were appointed Neolt Factory, Distributors for Australia, giving them the ability to offer a premium range of equipment out of Italy that includes, Vertical Cutters, Laminators and a range of Manual and Automated Trimmers. Many businesses across Australia would have a Neolt Trimmer, even if it is a small office desk top machine for trimming posters and documents, ALC are now proud to offer exclusively the complete Neolt Trimmer range, up to 3.5m wide for the digital large format print industry.
January 2016 will witness the release of the ALC 1600mm wide Liquid Laminator and Aqueous Coating range, with cost and environmental pressures becoming an increasing factor, particularly in larger run projects, liquid laminating now certainly will play a part in the protection of graphics for the future, USA/German company ClearShield/Marabu have appointed ALC as their Exclusive Australian Distributor for Aqueous Liquid Coatings and Starlam Liquid Laminator, Clearshield liquid coatings are well known and proven internationally as a premium liquid protection for digital printing, one exciting product ALC will be focussing in the liquid formulations range is “Wall Armor”, this coating is aimed at the growing internal wall covering market and has been tested with a number of the popular wall covering products used in this field, such as, Phototex, DreamScape Coverings, KoroGraphics and Ultraflex Wallscapes.
Wall Armor is compatible with Latex, Eco Solvent and UV Curable inks and it gives a Type 2 Certification Solution (ASTM F793) for Commercial Applications, this is based on generation 1, 2 and 3 HP Latex inks when printed on the above wall coving brand products. This liquid offers Stain, Scratch and Abrasion resistance as well as Fire Retardancy.
ALC offer a comprehensive portfolio of lamination films to cover all short term and long term applications, many of these films have established themselves into the Australian market over a number of years, a range of Optically Clear, Anti-Graffiti and Whiteboard products also help make up the niche portfolio that ALC are building on.
ALC’s films and equipment are sold only through a national distribution network and not to the end user, please contact our office for your nearest distributor.


Australian Laminating Company

Lamination System

Lamination System have been supplying and servicing the sign and print industries for over 25 years and it is their extensive experience as trade laminators that led them to design the Sign Master and Sign Easy ranges of wide format machines.

SignMaster 1400 Applicator
Lamination System - SignMaster 1400 Applicator
Lamination System - Signeasy 2
Sign Master 1600 Pro Image
Lamination System - Sign Master 1600 Pro
SignEasy Pro Laminator Mounter Applicator Small
Lamination System - SignEasy Pro Laminator Mounter Applicator

The Sign Master and Sign Easy range of laminators are known for being robust and user friendly, while delivering great results

every time. These results are achieved due to the use of superior components, such as large diameter heavy rollers with built in roller crush compensation, being a standard feature in all machines.

According to Lamination Systems Sarah Smith ‘wide format finishing isn’t difficult if you have a good machine’.  She said ‘choose a machine with a heavy roller that has a quality coating, as this distributes even pressure across your print or board, which means minimal pressure and adjustments are required, resulting in less room for error’. 
Even the Lamination System entry level unit, the Sign Easy 1600 has 132mm diameter rollers and weighs over 200kgs.  All Sign Master and Sign Easy machines include interchangeable mandrels, foot control pedals and heavy duty castors.

The Sign Master range also offers a heat assist option. Heat assist can be of benefit in creating a premium finish.  By adding up to 60 degrees to the top roller, the laminator helps to soften the glue on the film, eliminating any silvering that can occur.  Also, while any air will generally bleed out of a PVC laminated print within 48 hours, the heat assist ensures it looks good immediately.

The Sign Master 1600 PRO is designed for the industry professional and has proven extremely popular with sign writers wanting to laminate continuous roll to roll.  It has commercial features such as automatic roller setting with push button control panel and built-in roller protection.

A recent addition to the range is the Sign Master Applicator Table. It has proven to be popular with sign shops and differs from other units in the market, as it is has Australian manufactured Chevron glass guaranteeing a perfectly flat surface. Its other standard features include dual pneumatic control, self-healing work mat, media trays and back-lit table. This solid state unit comes complete with a compressor and is available in various and custom sizes up to 5.2 Metres in length.

Lamination System have been importing, assembling and selling the wide format range of Sign Easy and Sign Master machines for over 15 years and has gained a reputation for supplying quality machines and being knowledge leaders in the laminating industry.

Their website contains comprehensive information and online videos of all machines in their range. Alternatively, their machines are also available through distributors Australian Visual Solutions, Fuji Xerox Australia, Spicers Paper and Conect Enterprises.

Lamination System

Parts Overnight - Royal Sovereign

In 2014, Royal Sovereign International, Inc. appointed Parts Overnight as exclusive distributor for all Royal Sovereign products in Australia and New Zealand. Parts Overnight’s partnership with Royal Sovereign is backed by first class service and technical support along with quality tried and tested equipment. Parts Overnight have an established national dealer network with reputable partners
Australia wide.
Appointed Dealers are:
PT Store (QLD), Artref (WA/SA), Pozitive (NSW), AGS (Qld/NSW/VIC) & Celmac (NSW/VIC/SA).

Royal Sovereign RSC 1652HCLW
Parts Overnight -The Royal Sovereign 1652HCLW
Parts Overnight - The Royal Sovereign 1401CLTW
RSC 5500H
Parts Overnight - The Royal Sovereign 5500H
RSH 1651 pon 0116
 Parts Overnight - The Royal Sovereign 1651

The Royal Sovereign roll laminator portfolio includes hot thermal roll laminators, cold pressure sensitive roll laminators, and heat assist roll laminators in sizes ranging from 380mm wide to 1650mm wide.
In addition, Royal Sovereign also supply a newly released 1650mm textile trimmer, a range of electric and manual trimmers and banner welders.

The best-selling RSC-1652HCLW is a high quality, economically priced 1650mm wide format cold laminator with top roller heat assist specifically designed for users to easily and professionally finish wide format graphics. This unique feature helps activate the adhesive of pressure sensitive laminates for a smooth clear finish, reduces "Silvering" and results in shorter laminate cure times. Complete with front feed and rear take-up assemblies, automatic roll to roll lamination is made simple. [Supplied Image = RSC-1652HCLW]

The next most popular, RSC-1401HCLTW is an economical 1400mm Wide format, cold roll laminator that is designed for cold laminating and mounting up to 15mm. The RSC-1401HCLTW large roller diameter helps to reduce "Silvering", increases roller nip width and improved film flow. It is designed for use with pressure sensitive laminating films, mounting adhesives and backing films. Complete with front feed and rear take-up assemblies, it’s the ideal laminator for the vehicle wrap market. [Supplied Image = RSC-1401CLTW]

The RSC-5500H (1400MM) & RSC-6500H (1650mm) are premier quality, high end, large capacity laminators with state-of-the-art top roller heat assist capabilities, designed with the professional in mind. These models feature an extraordinary 51mm mounting thickness, quality silicone rollers and a strong durable motor for fast laminating speeds of up to 8.5m/min. Built-In front feeder and 2 rewinders (front and rear) make loading and unloading a snap and the unique Film Saver system automatically senses when there is no media feeding into the rollers and slows down the rollers to save film wastage. Backed by over 25 years of experience in laminator design and manufacture, the RSC-5500H & RSC-6500H are a smart option for today’s high volume sign shops. [Supplied Image = RSC-5500H]

For larger finishing work in small print shops, you can’t go past the RSH-1151 (1150mm) and the RSH-1651 (The widest of our dual hot/cold laminator series at 1650mm). They are capable of both thermal and pressure lamination, encapsulation as well as mounting of printed output. Applications include Digital and offset graphics, Outdoor signage, Inkjet and silkscreened posters, Photo finishing, Large format material, Flexible and rigid displays, Decaling and Floor graphics. [Supplied Image = RSH-1651_pon_0116]

From lamination to mounting you can count on Royal Sovereign laminators to give you years of service and performance. No matter your wide format laminating needs, Royal Sovereign has the right laminator for you.




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Parts Overnight (Royal Sovereign)

Ezy Taper

The Ezy Taper® is proudly Australian owned, designed & manufactured at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. The Ezy Taper® came about in 2002 when a Prototype was tried and tested in a Sign Writing Business and used on a daily basis. Over the years the Ezy Taper® has developed into a market leading tool in the signage industry. The Ezy Taper® is a Registered Trade EzytaperMark and is patented in many countries including Australia, United States of America, United Kingdome & Europe. In 2004 Ezy Taper® was awarded a silver medal in the world renowned Genève Inventors Exhibition. In 2006 followed, making the Ezy Taper® winner of the Premier of Queensland Emerging Exporter Award (Moreton Bay Region). The Ezy Taper® is unique and innovative in its design and has many applications in the market place guaranteed and proven to out-perform many other systems. The Ezy Taper® is manually operated giving the user full control and confidence. The Ezy Taper® is state of the art equipment designed with simplicity and reliability.
Ezy Taper® is great for:


Tape Application Print Mounting 0-30mm Substrates Composite Panel
Banner Glass Core Flute One Way Vision
Conformable Uneven Surfaces Roll to Roll Lamination  

Ezy Taper Rollers are specially designed in our factory, if you happen to scratch or cut our rollers with a knife they will not fall apart. They will also conform easily over cut Composite Panel and uneven surfaces. The Rollers of the Ezy Taper do not get flat spots, eliminating the need to separate them when not in use. Ezy Taper® is helping to maximise production in thousands of sign shops around the world.


Ezy Taper Product Range: Standard (13mm opening) & Deluxe (30mm Opening)
•    650 Ezy Taper Standard & Deluxe – with Basic Stand
•    800 Ezy Taper Standard & Deluxe – with Basic Stand
•    1530 Ezy Taper Standard, Deluxe -  with Basic Stand
•    1530 Ezy Taper Platinum Package- Premium Height Adjustable Stand + 1530 Ezy Taper Deluxe + Roll    to Roll Accessories
•    1530 Ezy Taper Deluxe + Bench System
•    1650 Ezy Taper Standard, Deluxe & Platinum Package


For further information on any of our products & service please do not hesitate to contact the team at Ezy Taper® on Free Call

1800 399 827 or visit our web site  we are always here to help.

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 Ezy Taper


Some laminating Tips & Tricks

These Tips & Tricks supplied by Australian Laminating


  1. Heat Assist Laminating – By setting the temperature between 40 and 50 degrees on your heated top roller (if fitted) will avoid “Silvering” effect in the finished laminated job. Silvering will disappear generally within 48hrs.
    2. After laminating let the glue cure for a few hours before trimming.
    3. Laminating Film mandrel – Tension should be minimal “None is best” to avoid stretching the lamination film.
    4. The sacrificial liner (mandrel) tension should be set so that the liner passes over the lower roller without creasing.
    5. Always keep your laminating film and prints centred on your laminator.
    6. Ensure that your rolls are straight and tightly wound (not telescoped).
    7. The Nip pressure is critical and every machine is different, as a rule of thumb: -
         a/ If the print develops a bow wave shaped like an “N” shape then there is not enough pressure at
              the nip as the centre is being pulled through first.
         b/ If the print develops a stern wave shaped like a “U” shape then there is too much tension
              pressure at the nip as the sides are being pulled through first.
    *** “The Nip” or “At the Nip” means when the Print starts to enter and make contact with the
            Rollers for laminating.
    8. On roll to roll laminating machines a Polypropylene Sacrificial Liner is recommended over a Paper Sacrificial Liner – Should the PP liner crease while feeding it will not cause a possible ghosting on the finished laminated print, however there is a very good chance that the Paper liner will.
    9. When printing from a Solvent machine, 24hrs outgassing is recommended before the laminating process is commenced, all prints should be hung vertically in a well ventilated space so that the solvents can fall away from the print and adhesive. Longer outgassing time should be allowed for if the image is of heavier than normal colour saturation. If laminating a Solvent print with a Polyester lamination film then longer outgassing time again is required due to Polyester not having the ability to breathe like PVC.
    ****Outgassing of Solvent prints can be speeded up dramatically by installing an Infrared Drier in front of the solvent machine as it prints.