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Global Signs take up special offer from Canon

Sydney-based Global Signs moved into the ‘fast lane’ after investing in an Océ Arizona UV flatbed under a special offer from Canon – and now Canon has announced another suite of special deals for businesses who are keen to kick start their success with market-leading Océ Arizona print technology.

Global Signs is a typical family business, with a commitment to the sign and display market and high aspirations for the future. But, with limited resources, they need to consider opportunities for expansion and investment carefully.
Late last year, the company took a huge step forward by installing its first UV printer, an Océ Arizona 460GT flatbed model with Roll Media Option, taking advantage of supplier Canon’s special ‘Fastrack’ finance and support deal – and according to owner, Joseph Lagana, the move has completely transformed his business.

Global Signs 2
Joseph Lagana with his new Océ Arizona 460GT

“Eight years ago, we opened our doors with a vinyl cutter and a few pairs of hands,” he explains. “We later moved into print with roll-to-roll printers but, until late last year, still mounted all our rigid signage orders manually, sometimes hundreds of prints a day.”
The obvious solution was a flatbed printer but, while it had been on the ‘wish list’ almost from the start, Joseph admits the thought of another big investment had him hesitating – that is, until he sat down and talked to Canon.
With its range of high quality Océ Arizona UV printers, Canon is a market leader in the space and, says Joseph, had all the expertise, experience and business credentials needed to make the decision easy.
“We provided our figures and Canon helped us calculate the potential, the expected return on investment, estimated pay-back schedule – basically a full business case,” Joseph explains, “and when we had finished, the decision was clear.”
As well as establishing the Arizona as a viable investment for Global Signs, Canon was able to add a sweetener to the deal with its Fastrack offer, which was designed to help printers maximise ROI and profitability while minimising risk – but Joseph says the real benefits run far deeper.
“What a lot of people don’t appreciate is that when they commit to new technology they are investing in a partnership with the supplier, and Canon takes this very seriously,” he says.
“Canon’s expertise is outstanding and you derive enormous benefit from the access to their knowledge base and resources. As well as a handbook which provides step-by-step instructions to print to a wide range of media, we’ve picked up new ideas to help us step away from standard ‘sign and display’ work and into exciting new, high-margin products.
And Canon’s product specialists are always on hand to help us with new techniques or simply to get the best results.”
Seven months in, with the same number of staff, the business has more than doubled its print volume and is some 25% more profitable, Joseph says.
“This machine has transformed our business,” he says. “We can now print up to 2.2m wide with the roll media option, compared with 1.6m on our previous equipment, so we no longer have to outsource some of the larger work, and we’ve become more flexible in what we offer to our customers. In particular, having the ability to print white ink has increased the range of applications we have to offer. And the machine has eliminated processes… It now takes us a third of the time to print a standard sized (2440 x 1220mm) sheet of Core flute at full bleed as we no longer need to laminate and trim.
More than that, Joseph says the move has changed his whole attitude. “I go out to clients brimming with new ideas and possibilities, confident in our ability to deliver, and it’s like the Law of Attraction – now that we have the machine and a positive attitude, the work is coming out of nowhere. “We wish we had installed the Arizona sooner, it would’ve made life so much easier!”
“Knowing now what a difference the machine has made, we could have made the investment without the special deal from Canon.”
Business owners looking for a similar boost can now benefit from Canon’s recently announced Kickstart deal, allowing customers an even lower introductory running cost with the purchase of any Arizona applicable printers. Offer valid between now until the end of September.
To talk to an expert about how the Arizona series can kick start your business success, discuss your investment with a finance expert, or find out more about the KICKSTART deal, contact your local Canon office today.


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