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GCC, a long serving and under rated player in the plotter/cutter market
GCC’s distribution and support in our region is in the main by Signtechnologies, a company whose systems technology specialists have been serving the industry since 1992, providing service and support for the sign, engraving and graphics, engineering and mining, educational institutions and government departments throughout Australia both directly and through its nationally endorsed dealer channel.

"Our mission is to provide superior products combined with outstanding service,’ says Signtechnologies’ Director, Gary Chapman, pointing out the importance of harnessing technologies and responding to change in the sign industry. “To this end, it is fundamental for us to achieve our mission and strive for measurable advancement in our customer's productivity and total satisfaction.”

Puma III
The GCC Puma III
The GCC Jaguar IV

One such technology is produced by Taiwan-based GCC which offers a broad range of quality products including cutting plotters, laser engravers, laser markers, laser cutters, UV-curable inkjet printers, printer/cutter and scrapbook cutters. Founded in 1989 GCC has a worldwide network of authorised distributors and branch offices in United States, Europe and China.
Signtechnologies has been selling GCC vinyl plotter/cutters since 1993 and offers a large range of their products, both new and used to customers including the Puma, Puma II, Puma III, Sable, Jaguar, Jaguar II, Jaguar IV and Jaguar RX. In addition, OEM Flexisign sign making software, specifically Signpal Apprentice, Expert and Professional is offered at reduced bundled pricing.
With regard to GCC vinyl plotters, Gary confirms that they “are fast, accurate and robust with warranties of up to five years (up to 10 years on the GCC laser engravers) and are also offered via OEM agreements by various competitors, specifically Mutoh.”
He says that Oceania sales to date are in excess of 600 units and globally in excesses of 25,000 units.
The GCC plotter/cutters include10 meters tracking guaranteed, tangential emulation (perfect for cutting thick card), AAS optical printer registration recognition technology, on board pouncing, multi pressure rollers, up to 600 grams cutting force and an impressive speed of 1530 mm per second.
Comprehensive product overviews as well as further information on the features, specifications and warranty of each product, together with a video to view and a brochure to download and read, can be found on:

Gary states that the Puma and Jaguars are probably the best sellers for Signtechnologies in our region.

Sign Technologies