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I’m not sure if it is the dire economic times for some businesses, or they are just interested in saving any money at any cost, but businesses large and small seem to be opting to forgo a solid professional image in the interests of saving a buck on items that are the front line to their image, in the face of prospective clients.

This is most notable in the corporate sphere in recent times.
A case in point is Australia’s major airline. When I was at Australia’s busiest airport recently, an airport that attracts over 36 million people each year, I saw some pretty shoddy signage to say the least.

Poor signage at Sydney airportPoor Quality equals ‘cheap’. Unless you are a seconds store, cheap  looks really bad
I’m not really sure of the philosophy in getting second rate signage for a major tourism hub, but I’m here to tell them it looks as they they don’t have two pennys to rub together.
Lets hope they take a better approach when it comes to spending money on aircraft maintenance.
It doesn’t matter who you are or what you sell.
Signage is often the first thing people see. They will associate you with what they perceive as a credible organisation by drawing conclusions on your quality of promotional material. Display signage plays a big part in that .
Frankly, there is no excuse for poor quality signage, especially for a company this size.
I don’t know if this was made in China or Australia. I certainly didn’t recognize the manufacturers name on the mechanism. If it was made in China, that would be disappointing, but if it was a local manufacturer, frankly he or she should not be in the game. I don’t know how their conscience would let them sell this rubbish.
Of course, good value sign shops selling quality signs are now competing with the major retailers. That is not necessarily a good thing for the consumer.
One office supply company I know buy the cheapest product they can from a major international manufacture with printing factories in China and other parts of the world. They use the cheapest materials they can source so they can still make a profit and the retailer can make maximum margin and still compete.
The consumer, you, then get a second rate product under the guise of a heavy discount.
This airline probably saved a reasonable margin on these units, but they certainly didn’t get a quality product.
The material is thin, almost transparent with a very nasty curl. This one isn’t as bad as I’ve seen, but it is still bad enough.
Seriously, if you want to buy a retractable banner, its really not that much dearer to get a unit that features a block-out no-curl satin face.
Simply put, by investing in quality displays, your customers will not be looking at your advertising and thinking that you are cheap and nasty. Just give a bit of thought to the overall appearance of the sign or display from the customers perspective.
Signs may not literally talk, but they do speak volumes as to your level of professionalism in the long term.

Shane Drew