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Maintenance - Consider this scenario.

You work hard, and invest your money in a new car. Not just any car mind you, but this car is special. It’s got chromed this and stainless that, it’s lowered with awesome mags, and has a killer paint job.

Stress in our workplace.

In my travels and discussions with my peers and colleagues, the one thing that is glaringly obvious, is that most of us are finding it more stressful in our industry than we did, say, 5 years ago.

Governments coming to the rescue?

Call me a cynic, but while some business leaders were getting all excited about our Governments latest initiatives to secure business for our manufacturing industry, I'm not so sure the majority will actually see any benefits.

How do you feel about change?

When I started in the sign game, it was on the crest of change. DOS programs were still in use, Windows 3.1 was the newest 'tool', and sign shops were looking at expensive upgrades to embrace all the new technology.

Sign-making in the 'Old Dart'.

Having recently come back from a sign related business trip to the UK, I am constantly reminded how good we have it here, and I'm not talking about the weather.