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Perhaps I’m showing my age, but I remember a time when there was such a thing as a corner store.

The good old days… reflecting on what we have.

I often reflect on the last few decades, and marvel at the changes that we’ve all grown to accept as normal in our daily lives. I often wonder if we could live without the technology we have today.

Cowboys: An Industry nightmare

Sometimes I wonder how our industry copes with the ‘cowboys’ that operate under the ‘sign maker’ umbrella.


In business, as in life, we all need people that inspire us.

Ever think about the challenge of extreme weather?

I think it is fair to say the weather is probably the biggest challenge most of face on a regular basis, especially over the last few months when the weather around the world has been extreme and unseasonable.

Communication… all talk?

One of the main reasons for most failures in life’s journey is simply the lack of communication. Marriage, business, friendships, relationships and child rearing - none are immune from the curse that a breakdown in communication will produce.

So, what about bartering your service?

Ever done a ‘contra’ for services rendered? Swapped something you have for something you want? Then you are already familiar with the concept of bartering.

Pirates… Part 3

Further to my last article, another email I received posed some interesting questions too.

Pirates… Part 2

My last article generated a fair few responses. Duncan, a font designer himself, wrote me the following comment;

Willpower and self control, or stress and burnout, what do your staff display?

Willpower - the motivating force to accomplish, or finish a task. The strength of will to carry out one's decisions, wishes or plans, versus Stress - physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension. All businesses experience either situations at various levels.

Healthy staff make a healthy business

What illness affects all of us in our life time, either personally, or through someone we know?

Holidays, are they important?

Like most business owners these days, I find one of the biggest challenges is actually taking time off for annual holidays.

First impressions.

When I got my first job in 1975, one thing my parents instilled in me from day one was that the first impression was the most important impression.

3M raise the bar.

Several weeks ago, I wrote an article about poor standards and workmanship within our industry. I mused that perhaps some of the major brand manufacturers should have compulsory training and approved applicators to help raise the bar in the sign industry.