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Looking beyond the RIP: The importance of seeking the right provider

Looking beyond the RIP: The importance of seeking the right provider
By Michelle Johnson - Marketing Manager at SAi
As the saying goes, ‘the difference between something good and something great, is the attention to detail’. I think this is true of many aspects of life, particularly when it comes to business.

For large format print providers and sign & display companies, beside selecting the best hardware to meet your requirements, careful consideration should be given when choosing the most suitable RIP software.
SAI pic 1A number of large format printer manufacturers pair their own software with their hardware. Before committing, you should consider whether this solution has the capabilities to evolve as your business requirements develop. This is an important factor that should come into play before committing to a RIP software.
Indeed, this is a business decision as well as a technical one, and it’s worth looking at how extensive the all-round value offering is. Outside of functionality, a crucial factor is the level of back-up support offered by the provider. Ask yourself, how extensive your provider’s support service is? If indeed there is a support team, where is it based? Will you be able to contact it regardless of the time and your location? Resolving the issue is only part of this service – how fast and well you receive the support is extremely important.
A good RIP software provider will want to build a relationship with you to help you unlock greater workflow efficiencies. It will provide you with expert knowledge in configuration, insightful guidance on industry trends, comprehensive application and product advice as well as business development consultancy.
A worthy RIP software provider will also go above and beyond to ensure it equips you with a full-service solution with all the bells and whistles. In our case, we offer a range of extra value-added solutions that provide our customers with the tools to meet their diverse needs and priorities.
Take for example companion mobile apps. With more and more business done on the road, it’s important for print shop owners and employees to be able to manage and monitor the progress of jobs while away from the shop. Mirroring this trend, we were the first RIP software provider to create a companion mobile app and now offer two – one designed to support business owners, the other to provide print shop employees with efficiency-enhancing tools to streamline production and enable remote quoting.
SAI pic 2While we’re on the topic of finance, buying a RIP can be a major investment, which is why it’s important to review the payment options available. Perhaps a more flexible payment model – such as a monthly subscription - is better for your business. In this instance, accessing software via monthly subscription can provide you with a cost-effective alternative to enjoy the same features as well as the flexibility to perhaps add extra licences to meet increased demand.
So, next time you’re due an upgrade or ready to invest in a hardware solution, remember to thoroughly explore your RIP software options. After all, ‘the difference between something good and something great, is the attention to detail’.

Michelle Johnson - Marketing Manager at SAi can be reached at