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The solution is “Out There” 

“Our new HP L65500 Latex machine is bound to get the neighbours and customers talking”, said Kent Wiggins, Managing Director and Sales Manager of Out There Media in Alexandria, Sydney.

Out There Media is New South Wales’s first company to install HP’s new eco friendly, 2.6 metre Latex ink printer.

Much has been written about this new generation printing technology that has the potential of replacing the industry’s smelly and potentially dangerous solvent machines whilst producing three year durable outdoor prints at reduced ink prices.

But let’s start at the beginning of the Out There Media story.


 L-R Kent Wiggins (Out There Media), Michael Boogard (Celmac) and Alan Wilton (Out There Media)


 One of the wrapped Kahdo cars

Back in 2004, working as the production manger for Bus Advertising, Kent put forward the opportunity to create a  more dedicated print service. BA were accommodating in allowing Kent to form Out There Media with them as his first and no1 client.

With few funds at his disposal, he formed Out There Media with two colleagues and set up business in his home with a second hand Grenadier 1600mm solvent machine.

His home was a two story terrace house with production on the ground floor and his living area on the second floor. “There’s nothing like waking in the morning to the smell of solvents”, he said.

Whilst he was independent and did the printing, the contract he had with Bus Advertising obligated him also to almost fulfil his old duties of maintaining inventory as well as being their Traffic Controller.

Bus Advertising produced work for clients all along the Eastern Seaboard as well as country New South Wales, so the volume of work was substantial. However referrals started to happen and he was soon producing regular work






 Exhibition signage

for other businesses in the promotions, advertising & exhibitions markets.

Kent’s scenario stayed like this for almost two years so it is not too difficult to imagine the delight when the decision was made to find proper premises for his growing business. The premises that they found are the same premises they occupy today in Alexandria, just on Sydney’s doorstep.

The first item of new kit that was purchased was a laminator and of course this expanded the scope of work that could be sold to his growing client list. By now the company was also doing vehicle wraps.

During the next two years the company grew its client list and added 2 full time staff plus some vital strategic alliances with subcontactores to forefill customer demand.

In early 2008 full time production member Alan  became a share holder and assumed the vital role of production manager  His role has expanded and now bears much of the responsibility to make sure that the work gets out on time and also meets the quality controls standards that have been put in place. Clients and the business really benefits from the 2 Majority shareholders filling the 2 major roles within the company.

The company grew an impressive client list, clients that acted like magnets for other clients. Kahdo and Transtik to mention just two important clients. For the uninitiated, Kahdo run a fleet of small wrapped cars that are used for the express purpose of promoting major consumer brands. Transtik were the installers for these vehicles. It was perhaps one of the best advertisements for Out There Media that they could ask for.

Over the years Kent has been guided by role models that have shaped his beliefs. First their was former employer, Wayne Caddy of Impression Markings. “I used to rep for Wayne and during my time there, he taught me the art of screen printing, vehicle signage, how to develop relationships with clients, create new business and execute the day to day activities of running a company,” said Kent and I owe him plenty for that. Then came Quentin Strauli of the Glebe Healing Centre. “Quentin taught me many things about how to manage myself, things such as managing stress. These techniques have proven important over the years and I am extremely grateful for his teachings.”

“It was perhaps those years breathing solvent fumes that made the possibility of printing faster, cheaper and also safer so attractive. All of us at Out There Media are extremely conscious of our environmental footprint, specifically in regard to the fact that we work in a very wasteful industry with much of the industry’s work ultimately ending up buried in landfill sites where the chemicals poison the soil and remain undegraded for possibly centuries.”

“It was with those thoughts that motivated us to investigate the HP Latex printer, the DesignJet L65500. After extensive research, demonstrations and test prints, it was at Pacprint that we gave the order to Celmac and we now have the machine installed and running.

“I would say that the cost of ink is comparable to our existing bulk ink costs but if the Latex ink cost is compared to normal Eco solvent cartridge inks, then it is considerably cheaper.”

The machine runs beautifully and produces great quality at a really fast rate. In fact we have been able to make two of our older solvent machines redundant.

The future bodes well for this growing company.

Out There Media