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Get great fonts on-the-house
Signcraft magazine (USA)
In the market for a few great fonts for sign work--for free?
Most typefaces don’t work well on signs. There are tens of thousands to choose from, but since most were designed to use on the printed page or on a computer display, they often lose legibility at the large sizes needed for sign work.

Transforming and Automating Workflows: Do I need to do it all at once?
By David Zwang, WhatTheyThink? magazine (USA)
In the last article, we looked at a company that was able to implement a system that offered full process automation from one solution provider. While it was a very comprehensive system that took into account both offset and digital production, this approach is not for everyone.

How to Know When to Turn Down a Garment Printing Job
By Greg Kitson, Founder and President, Mind's Eye Graphics, magazine (USA)
Asking the right questions is the first step to avoiding the job from hell. Do not agree to a job that is foreign to you until you know all that it entails, including the processes you'll need to use, what supplies you will require, and how much time and effort you will have to put into it.

RIP Chord: Creating a Harmonious Workflow
Big Picture magazine (USA)
Nearly 50 RIP and workflow solutions for your shop.
Few things are more harmful to a print operation than having a production workflow that's consistently out of kilter

Wide-Format: Pain Points & Opportunities
By Dan Marx, WhatTheyThink? (USA)
Dan shares some of the most pertinent pain points discussed at SGIA's annual Congress of Committees, as they provide a unique view into today’s wide-format industry.

White-Hot: Five Shops Explore White Ink
By Mike Antoniak, Big Picture magazine (USA)
The novelty of white ink may have worn off, but having that in-house capability is still something you need in order to be a full service partner that addresses client's needs. Here, we showcase five shops that are exploring the expanding universe of white-ink applications.

Tips and tricks for choosing the right Vinyl
Sign Update magazine (UK)
Spandex understands that it is essential to get things right first time and therefore aims to help sign makers select the right materials and procedures to get the job done on time, with minimum effort within budget. Here, Spandex helps sign makers choose the right vinyl for the job.

Going Grand? Does It Make Sense for Your Business?
By Greg Lamb, Founder and CEO, Global Imaging Inc. (USA)
Speed, quality and increased productivity, these three fundamental components have always been the foundation for success in our industry. There is no better time than now to 'Go Grand' as new technologies in printers, printheads and inks continue to emerge.

FOCUS 2014, Despatches from the Industry
Big Picture magazine (USA)
Welcome to the 2014 edition of FOCUS, our annual look at the most critical issues facing print service providers in the year ahead.
We invited this issue’s display advertisers as well as some select industry organizations and consultants, to address the following seven topics that challenge the wide format printing marketplace.

Turn the storefront into a sign
Signcraft magazine (USA)
Here’s a question for your clients: Why settle for just a sign on your storefront when you can turn the whole storefront into a sign? They’re spending money renting their location, so why shouldn’t they get maximum return from it. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add window graphics that tie into the sign and extend the visual impact of the sign.

Print & Digital Media: Finding a harmonious relationship

Jason Lisi - Graphic Arts magazine (Canada)
When I was a first year student at Ryerson University’s School of Graphic Communications Management many, many moons ago, I remember being invited to an OPIA dinner. I was especially excited because the speaker for the night was a very prestigious and iconic figure in the industry. When we arrived at the point in the evening when it was time for the speaker, I could not wait to hear the words of wisdom that soon would follow.

2014 Wish List
By Laurel Brunner, FESPA

As an industry we would like to see 2014 be the year that environmental management takes a more prominent role in the minds of print companies. We at FESPA aim to serve as a platform to inform the industry about their environmental options. 

Getting Into Wide-Format – A Commercial Printer’s Blueprint for Success
By Guest Contributor, WhatTheyThink magazine USA
While the commercial printing industry has seen an overall decline in demand for print over the last 15 years, the demand for wide-format printed graphics is actually increasing. As a result, more and more commercial printers are looking at adding wide-format to their offerings.

The Variables of Calculating Ink Consumption
By Jeff Burton, Digital Printing Analyst, SGIA, USA

Tracking ink use is a slippery topic compared to tracking square feet or meters printed, and the amount of material waste generated. How much ink does your business use for each job? How about consumption per week for all printers combined? What about ink used on a monthly basis?

Accelerate Your Training Efforts
Big Picture magazine (USA)
The old maxim, "If you're not moving forward, you're moving backward," certainly applies to education and training.

68 Great Wide-Format Opportunities (and One Donut)

By Dan Marx, WhatTheyThink magazine (USA)

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend a major printing trade show in Chicago—you may have been there as well. A quick take on the show is that it was well-executed and well-attended, but smaller than we’ve come to think the quadrennial Print event should be

Digital signage both popular and challenging for banks
Sign Media (Canada)
The adoption of digital signage technologies is skyrocketing at retail banks, both in Canada and around the world, but has also entailed frustrating day-to-day challenges, according to a new report from JohnRyan, a retail marketing company.

Wide-Format Trends: A Wide-Open Opportunity
Printing Impressions (USA)
Recently, InfoTrends and NAPCO (publisher of Printing Impressions) surveyed 167 print service providers (PSPs)-72 of which were print-for-pay-and we were able to ask about their attitudes and expectations around wide-format digital printing. InfoTrends found that while initial investment price was...

Digital Printers
Sign UpDate (UK)
Stuart Cole from Graphic Printing Technologies (GPT), Rob Goleniowski from Roland DG and Arzu Babaoglu from HP highlight recent trends in Digital Printing technology.