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Establishing a ‘green’ identity
By Mike Antoniak (Big Picture magazine USA)
Specialists in wide-format digital print have always enjoyed bragging rights to running businesses somewhat cleaner and greener than traditional print. The fact that digital allows printers to produce only what’s needed, in specific quantities, while eliminating waste and its environmental impact is what has made it the more environmentally friendly print technology. That’s certainly a good starting point for those who want to live up to current definitions of sustainability.

Fine art & photography best practices
By Mark Vruno  (My Print Resorce USA)
Preparing files and printing their own work can be a reproductive challenge for professional artists and photographers. Heed their advice on how the discerning eye achieves creative satisfaction.

Start taking control of your sales
By Gerry Mulvaney (Graphic Display World UK)
For my last forty years as a salesman, one fact has stood the test of time. It is rare for a full time salesperson to spend more than 10% of their time doing what they are actually paid to do – i.e. sit in front of their customers, selling products. All sorts of other activities eat up the remaining 90% of the paid hours including canvassing for prospects, travelling, waiting in receptions, talking to non-decision makers and filling out administration forms.

Be green to be seen  
Written by  Laurel Brunner  (Digital Dots)
Every time we go to a trade show it seems the amount of greenwash sloshing about gets thicker and sloppier. And although it might not seem so, this is a good thing.