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Since September 2009, Deauville Hospital in France has provided employees and patients with the chance to see beyond its simple doors and corridors, by installing large format, decorative graphics that replicate the outside world.

Tanguy de la Bourdonnaye, director of the hospital, worked with architect, Marc Jitiaux, and photographer, Bruno Macé, to create a ‘care' space decorated with images from local land- and townscapes, turning the Deauville Hospital area into a relaxing, attractive environment for both patients and staff.



The team decided to produce the graphics around the concept ‘Inside, Outside', using different colours, materials and supports. In the corridors, the wallpapers imitate grass, sand or rocks giving the impression of walking in a garden or near the sea, while the colourful designs marks on the floors have replaced the old-fashion signage.

The photographer, Bruno Macé, added his personal touch to this project by breaking some of the traditional decoration rules for hospitals. Based on the ‘Inside, Outside' concept, Bruno Macé used a series of pictures he took in the area of Deauville to create trompe l'oeil in waiting rooms and bedrooms. Thus, from their room, patients can look at picturesque houses in Brittany or colourful landscapes, as if they were looking outside.

Use of digitally printed wide format graphics in hospitals and other enclosed spaces has not been possible before because of VOCs found in inks. However, HP Latex Inks eliminate the problem and wide format graphics printed uses these inks can be used in indoor environments, including restaurants, food stores and, now, even hospitals. From his previous successful experiences with HP printers, Bruno Macé suggested to print the pictures using the HP Designjet L65500 Printer with HP Latex Ink technology, specially designed for printing with the environment in mind.

"When Bruno presented us with the opportunity to print the graphics on the HP Designjet L65500 Printer using odourless inks, we immediately said ‘yes' knowing this environmentally responsible solution would meet our safety requirements" said Tanguy de la Bourdonnaye.  "Our story is a good example of why it is so important to choose the right printer, even if fine art printing isn't your core business. HP Latex technology provides a key benefit for businesses looking to produce prints for public places, where odours and VOCs are a cause for concern."

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