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TOPIC: Lines during printing

Lines during printing 9 years 1 month ago #1912

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Hi all,

My Roland CJ500 is not printing sold colors. i.e. when printing sold black there are a series of horizontal lines that can be seen in the print. The test print looks normal. I have cleaned the heads and capping station. Any ideas? I am new to this and wanted to look for some options before I buy new print heads or do something drastic.


Re:Lines during printing 9 years 1 month ago #1913

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Your description of the lines needs to be clearer.
I will assume that it is realating to drop out this could be caused by air in the line. Ink on this machine is gravity feed so if air gets into the line it will cause the ink to back flow. Each time you clean the head the pump sucks down the ink to the head but the back flow from the air would cause the machine to appear ok but banding would occur after a minute or two.

Re:Lines during printing 9 years 4 days ago #1926

  • dsi
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sounds to me more like a calibration problems. Printing on a banner at a vinyl calibration will produce lines.

If it prints OK on a test print, I doubt it is a faulty head

Re:Lines during printing 8 years 9 months ago #1948

  • Ang
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i think i know what you are talking about, since i am kinda new my self, i have used that description before. I have a roland sc540 and sometimes it does the same thing. part of it could be your not using the correct color calibration on your rip. also it cold be fixed as simply as use a higher quality print setting. but it is most likely your calibration is slightly off - i would just tighten it a bit- thats what i typically do to fix the issue. just remember that most large format graphics are seen from farther away, so when viewing them in passing, or at a distance those lines will not show.

good luck!

Re:Lines during printing 8 years 8 months ago #1961

  • Neddy
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Use the updated versaworks and set it to print with the new RIPC settings on the media, that should fix the banding problem

Re:Lines during printing 8 years 6 months ago #1968

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Check your profile you are using, black needs to be a cymk mix. Check you stepping for the material this is done at the unit on these units and must be done when changing to a heavier or lighter material. If your dampers are old by new ones uses the newer style with the large filer element and put new orings in. You can pull clean fluid threw the lines and let in set in there over night to clean out build up in the lines. Make sure your capping station isn't clogged. If you need a new profile I build these at a fair price. I own two roland cj-500 both converted to full solventjets running the 5 year lyson solvent ink with the red and blue ink. I also know how to convert these printers and have the repair manual on them so I can tell you how to enter service mode. I also buy used roland convert them and sell them.

Lines during printing 5 years 4 months ago #2290

  • dcdy
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Hi, I was searching for an answer for same problem. I'm using Vinyl Adhesive material and getting same line problem during printing. Wondering if any of you had an answer to this.
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