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TOPIC: Horizontal Vehicle Wrap

Horizontal Vehicle Wrap 2 years 4 months ago #2864

  • Brendan Jamieson - Swift Signs
  • Brendan Jamieson - Swift Signs's Avatar Topic Author
  • Visitor
  • Visitor
Just wanting to know if any / others have had this issue, we wrapped a full Black Jeep Compass including roof approx. 18monts ago. We have had the vehicle return just this week, for a complete redo on all the horizontal areas of the vehicle, due to a burnt effect in the wrap. Had discussions with our supplier /s regarding this issue / defect / concern and were told in the fine print that all horizontal wraps only carried an 8 month warranty????

Coped it on the chin & replaced, but now we have had a further 3 vehicles come back (different company) with there bonnets requiring re-wrapping with the same effect happening???

One of the issues I / we thought with the Jeep was with the vehicle being wrapped over a black duco may have contained additional heat, how wrong as the next 3 that need redoing are all white vehicles?

no assistance from suppliers apart from how the vehicle should be cared for, washed & maintained, no compensation in materials for the reprint or install, only to find now suppliers are now telling us there is a new product being released this month will warrant a 12month warranty on horizontal surfaces - great stuff when selling the verticals at 3-5 years and the horizontals back to 8-12 months....

look forward to any feedback (especially some suppliers on this frustrating & costly topic)

Horizontal Vehicle Wrap 2 years 4 months ago #2865

  • Drews Sign It
  • Drews Sign It's Avatar Topic Author
  • Visitor
  • Visitor
Few shops actually read the data sheets on this subject. Colour change wraps don't have a warranty longer than a few months on horizontal surfaces. US Horizontal Desert Southwest Exposure applies to Australia in the warranty sheets. They never have. Motor active with 3M give a 5 year warranty on their product (I assume they still do) but the warranty has more holes than swiss cheese.

They work on the fact that the car is garaged and out of the sun. Given they target the show car industry or vehicle fanatics, that's not an unreasonable assumption.

But to wrap a daily driver, the horizontal surfaces are going to fail sooner than the vertical surfaces.

I've had a concern about this from day one, and I took it up with 3M as well as the guys that decided to go down this path as a major part of their business. I was largely ignored in the early days but I made the decision not to dedicate too much time to that side of the industry.

I'm not sure what the answer is, but I tell clients up front that they will need to get the horizontal surfaces replaced every year if they don't garage the vehicle 70% of the time.

I lose the odd job but seriously, if I know I'm going to get a warranty claim in 18 months, I'd rather not do the job.

Hexis and Avery are much the same.

Horizontal Vehicle Wrap 2 years 4 months ago #2866

  • Drews Sign It Pty Ltd
  • Drews Sign It Pty Ltd's Avatar Topic Author
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  • Visitor

3M warranty information

Horizontal Vehicle Wrap 2 years 4 months ago #2868

  • Drews Sign It Pty Ltd
  • Drews Sign It Pty Ltd's Avatar Topic Author
  • Visitor
  • Visitor
Printed wraps are similar. Horizontal surfaces are treated the same. 3M have a material that has a 2 year horizontal warranty although it wasn't common knowledge until recently as some wholesalers didn't make it known as they were having some difficulty with latex and solvent prints across the range. The introduction of the LX480 for latex, and SX480 for solvent resolved that issue. I use it exclusively now.

Avery have just recently introduced the 1105 series to compete with the 480. It remains to be seen how successful it will be.

But, the warranty details haven't been a mystery if you have read the data sheets. Its not something that has just cropped up. The manufacturers haven't made a big deal out of it it's true, but the info has always been available to anyone who wanted to do the research.

Added to that is that some shops don't marry the correct laminate with the print material, preferring to use a cheaper laminate to cut costs. This will also impact on the life of the film on a horizontal surface.

When I do printed wraps I always try and talk them out of a roof wrap, or tell them if they do want it wrapped, they will need to replace the roof every year. I also state on the invoice, if I haven't used the 480 range, that warranty on horizontal surfaces is very limited and only covers installation and labour but not the life of the product.

I don't think enough education has been undertaken on the warranty periods and their life expectancy in some environments.

But having said that, it's always been listed in the material data sheets so the onus is on the user in that sense.

The newer products are clearly addressing the longevity but the next problem will be the fade resistance of the inks.

Time will tell how that goes I guess.
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