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TOPIC: China

China 8 years 9 months ago #1946

  • Mal Ross
  • Mal Ross's Avatar Topic Author
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  • Visitor
Anyone else sick of Chinese printers...I wont use the words Signmakers...
The mass market the world and destroy whole industrys. Bannershop,styletimes,newbright and all these other chinasign printers, sending to everyone from A_Z.. mass marketing
Im sick of thier emails and letters that wont stop even when asked.
The buck must stop somewhere.
Id rather loose a couple of dollars than use them
Im sure the inks used are environmental disasters
and not disposed of properly

Re:China 8 years 9 months ago #1949

  • dsi
  • dsi's Avatar Topic Author
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  • Visitor
Hi mal,

I tend to agree. I know of sign guys that have used their service and 18 months later the job is faded beyound reasonable levels. One shop rang the chinese company to complain, and they didn't care. They had his money, and knew the aussie shop could do nothing.

I too despise Bannershop and others because they are destroying our market. Their product is at the bottom level of the quality range even tho they are supposed to use HP's.

I feel you may be disappointed in your task though, as the amount of 'cowboys' in our game now will ensure the survival of these low cost outfits.

We need organisations like VISA to stop taking their money and stop supporting them, but that will never happen either I fear.

The only way we can stop them is to stop dealing with them, but everyone knows styletimes, bannershop and others sell direct to the public anyway, so we are pushig up hill with a blunt stick in that area too.

I feel your pain tho Mal :(

Re:China 7 years 4 months ago #2031

  • cmyk
  • cmyk's Avatar
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  • Visitor
I whole heartededly agree, we should all keep our money in Australia!!

Check out for great trade pricing and 100% Australian.

Re:China 6 years 4 months ago #2104

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  • Fresh Boarder
  • Direct Sublimation&Textile System
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I agree what you said,It is true, in china, there many bad quality and irresponsible chinese products supplier,I hate them also.
But there are also have responsible and good quality company in china.Like the Iphone oem factory,right?

when you buy iphone,the big profit earn from you by the US company,chinese factory just earn little money.why you hate chinese company,not hate "others"?

And like HP(US),most people use their waterbased printer,like hp5500,6100,this printer also happen broken allways,but most popular,why? they supply good serives. But serives expensive,printer expensive also ink most expensive.So if some one who can supply also good quality printer,good serves,but very good price,why do not you choice? :)

Acturally,we also bought many products from you, like my baby`s milk,I allways buy from AU and NZ.Not cheap also.hehehe

Anway, I apologize for those bad qualiy/irrespsonsible chinese company.
Hope we do good serves to cusotmer togather.

Kind regards,
Direct Sublimation&Textile Print System.

Re:China 6 years 1 month ago #2214

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  • Fresh Boarder
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Good on ya Bevan??? You are right.... there is good and bad in all places in the world.
We are laughing at you because your real name is Chinese and I cant pronounce it...sorry but Bevan was an excellent choice. I phone .. I schmone!!!

China :evil: has destroyed most manufacturing in most countries of the world.
I guess I am a bigot then. I ask for the maximum Australian input in all things if possible, as I am a proud Aussie and want to keep as much work in Australia as possible. Too much cash is going offshore.
Even when the telemarketers ring me, to be number one on Google, I demand an Australian or I hang up ( I do anyway as they cant produce one).The word Untrustworthy comes to mind..
Every day we are bombarded with LED,plastic,vinyl and many other trade related products by email..
I urge everyone to ask for free samples from them....! at thier expense of delivery.
Only a fool or a gambler would buy unless you had full back up and service, which of course they cant and wont supply (China)
Our suppliers here DO, as do our signmakers!!!
Its bleedin obvious!

Re: China 6 years 1 month ago #2217

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  • Fresh Boarder
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“Here”, “here” mal, and thank you for having the courage to speak out against the appalling Chinese business practices that are being allowed to poison yet another fine Australian industry. China has always, and will always have a special indifference to the success or collapse of businesses large or small in our own country. This is evidenced by a chronic lack of basic industry ethics. I find this sickening, hateful lack of concern for people of other nations economies offensive in the highest order, my only consolation is knowing of the inevitable implosion of the Chinese economy through competing themselves out of every market, enslaving & literally destroying their own workforce with their disgusting, anti-human, imperialist, communist autocracy.

But should we really be surprised? This is the same country that financially supports North Korea! Think for a minute about the significance of that alone, in relation to phrases like indifference to human suffering, crimes against humanity, world market domination ambitions and the like, and before you order another print from any of the print businesses Mal listed, then ask yourselves how much you want to support them.

P.S. This is not a personal attack on individual Chinese/Australian business persons who have sound, ethical business practice, more an observance of the moral positions & cold lack of concern of big Chinese export commerce in general.

Re: China 6 years 1 month ago #2218

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  • Fresh Boarder
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They call it good business. The word is DUMPING
they dump cheap crap on us and all the SHEEP in the country buy it because its cheap.
In doing so we compromise quality.They have mindless slaves to work for them.
After the Chinese have destroyed QUALITY they control the market
I expect to pay more for quality but more importantly I support our country over any other.
If you support this DUMPING OF SIGNAGE in Australia you are short sighted and selfish.
I am well aware of a price driven marketplace but its plain to see...even to the selfish dimwits out there that there will be no marketplace if we let a country that supports communism in all its hellish guises get away with DUMPING SIGNAGE on Australia.
These mongrels market directly to our traditional clients with crap products that put us all in a bad light..
A well known saying in communism is PROMISES ARE LIKE PIE-CRUSTS, MEANT TO BE BROKEN (MaoTseDUNG) :angry:
This is not the end of it
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