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A selection of great wide format related articles from around the globe


China: The Second-Largest Advertising Market
Big Picture magazine (USA)
InfoTrends recently dove into the Chinese wide-format printing market in anticipation of the 2017 Shanghai International Ad & Sign Expo. Estimates from eMarketer say the total advertising market spending in 2016 in the world’s most populous nation amounted to $78 billion. Roughly 7 percent of that – $5.5 billion – was spent on print. OOH advertising, the third-largest media type in China, is predicted to grow around 4 percent in the next two years.

More for the Money
By Kiersten Wones for Big Picture magazine USA
Retailers are putting the pressure on graphics providers to offer more than just fast and flawless prints

Standing Above the Competition
By Sino Tour for Big Picture magazine USA
How to attract potential customers and what to offer them

Eco-Solvents: A Vibrant Alternative
by Mike Antoniak  for Printingnews.com (USA)
“Many people are unaware of the incredible versatility of eco-solvent printers and inks and all the different types of output they can produce,” says Roland DGA’s Lily Hunter. Case in point: this retail store window banner printed on a Roland SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 using Eco-Sol MAX 2 inks.

Rolling Out the New Year - Rundown of Rollfed Wide-Format Systems
By Richard Romano, WhatTheyThink magazine (USA)
As we plunge headlong into 2017, let’s kick off the year, as we traditionally do, with a look at the current roll-to-roll printer landscape. Next week, we’ll look at flatbed printers.

Ask the Experts
By Adrienne Palmer for Big Picture magazine USA
6 digital print specialists respond to the current state of the industry and reveal what we should expect in 2017

Material world
Andy Knaggs - Digital Printer magazine
Flatbed printers can handle an incredible range of materials, including the elements of life, food and water, finds Andy Knaggs.

Automation and Wide-Format: Where Are We?
By Richard Romano for WhatTheyThink magazine (USA)
Whether it’s only a select few tasks or an entire production workflow, automation is slowly but surely coming to wide-format printing. How is that possible?

Tips for Maintaining a Clean Printing Environment
From Digital Print Media magazine
Keeping your print facility clean provides a variety of benefits. High levels of particulate matter such as air borne dust mites can damage or shorten the life of equipment and negatively affect the quality of prints. We have compiled a short list of items that can help keep air clean in your printing facility.

3D’s Place in Commercial Printing

An interview with Rainer Gebhardt, by Steve Duccilli for Big Picture magazine (USA)

Visitors to drupa’s Innovation Park were surprised to see a collection of realistic seashells ranging in size from a half inch to more than 5 feet tall, all 3D printed in a variety of materials from plastic to metal.

MIS: Is Your System Working For You or Against You?
By Carol Andersen, Chairman, Enterprise Print Management Solutions for SignIndustry.com (USA)
Implementing print management systems is not a democratic activity. What you need to become is a dictator to ensure proper implementation. 

Understanding the basic pros and cons of dye sub printing
Magnus Mighall of RA Smart (UK) for Graphic Display World (UK)
Dye sublimation is the most versatile textile digital printing process and while it is not suitable for every textile substrate, it is certainly the best route for signage professionals to dip their toe in the world of printed textiles, and potentially other rigid materials with the same hardware. Here textile printing expert Magnus Mighall of R A Smart explains how.

Cost saving with colour management
Written by  Graphic Display Community (Europe)
How many people working in large format digital printing are aware that the use of professional colour management technology can significantly reduce costs to their business? Graphic Display Community finds out more from Italian colour management expert Barbieri electronic.

Traditional Die Cutting Versus Digital Die Cutting
By Renee Simpson, Associate Editor, SGIA for SignIndustry.com (USA)
With increasing demand comes the growing need for better and faster technology in all sectors of the trade. This includes die cutting, a constantly evolving finishing technique that relies heavily on its relevance in the field.

Can Print Shops Benefit from 3D Printing
By Eileen Frtitsch for Big Picture magazine USA
Expect to see some big innovations at drupa 2016

Trade Print Economy
Rob Fletcher, Sign Link UK

With the industry proving more competitive than ever, Rob Fletcher investigates how companies can gain an advantage in business by branching out into the trade print market

Looking into the Future
By Craig Miller for Big Picture magazine
Our industry's crystal ball says to focus on value added services that put a premium on knowledge, skill and experience.

Making material gains?
Imagereports (UK)
A great deal has been written about the potential opportunities for profit from digitally printing images to textiles. Most of this is meaningless to anyone working in the display graphics business because the figures deliberately conflate the garments and home furnishings markets together with signage and confuse different geographic areas.

A Closer Look at Digital Dye-Sublimation Printing
By Richard Romano for WhatTheyThink magazine - USA
There are a number of different printing technologies used to print fabrics and textiles. One of the most common—and the one that is getting the most attention these days—is dye sublimation. What is dye sublimation printing, and what do you need to take advantage of the technology?

Understanding the Best Ink Options Available for Wide-Format Digital Printing
By  Ray Weiss for Printing Impressions (USA)
The cost of ink is a large consideration when deciding which ink set to purchase, but there are also the considerations of durability, adhesion, color brightness and coverage. Before you dive into a new wide-format printer, you must carefully consider what you want to accomplish and which ink set will help you get there.

Considering Alternative Inks?
By Ed McCarron, Vice President of digital imaging for Coveris Advanced Coatings for Signindustry (USA)
Have you ever considered using alternative inks? As the inkjet market continues to mature and users become savvier, the trend of alternative inks is growing. 

Printhead technologies explored
Written by Nessan Cleary for FESPA
Printheads are a key component of any wideformat printer, so it’s important to understand how they work.
There are many bits of technology that go into making a large format printer, but arguably the printhead is the beating heart of the machine. It is the thing that pumps the ink directly to the media and it’s the printhead that determines the defining characteristics of the printer.

How to cost a job? Why companies are missing the plot (Part two)
By Bob Glenister (Roland DG South Africa) for Practical Sign & Digital Graphics (SA)
In the previous article, I asked you what your time is worth, in this section, I outline Positioning and Differentiation.

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