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Echo Inc. uses Lights Alive Illuminated Display System for Its versatility and ease of use

The Lights Alive illuminated display system, from Walls + Forms Inc. provides solutions at the point of sale. Echo Inc.,

Echo Inc., is a world-renowned international power tool company had a problem and contacted Walls + Forms for a solution. Echo's existing 2 ft. x 8 ft. metal lightboxes were heavy, expensive and difficult to ship and lacked the Gallery_pictureversatility they desired. Walls + Forms designed and manufactured a lightweight, easy to install lightbox using 24"x 24" x 2' panel modules. Each unit features left and right sections, with easy to connect electrical plugs that snap together on site. A Walls + Forms proprietary aluminum framing system houses the easy to change images. The white plastic exterior has illuminated ECHO logos printed on all 2 ft. sections, creating an eye catching corporate look.

Walls + Forms Inc

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